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Free iPhone Apps Hardly Ever Used

Pinch Media (iPhone business specialists) conducted an analysis and found that after downloading, iPhone apps are hardly used. According to the analysis of 30 million downloads, just 20% of free apps are revisited one day later. That...

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Free iPhone TouchType Email App

If you don't know about TouchType, it's an iPhone app that gives you a larger, horizontal keyboard to use for typing out emails. It also has the ability to save text snippets so that if you're sending the same response...

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Android Will Kill the iPhone and Cripple AT&T - Eventually

T-Mobile and Google announced the Android-loaded, HTC-manufactured G1 phone this morning to an enthusiastic crowd, waiting to be awestruck. At first glance, the G1 looks to be on very even ground with the iPhone. But look a little...

apptism: Making Sense of iTunes App Store

There are already thousands of available apps out there for the iPhone, so which ones are right for you? What are the popular free apps? Which apps are being downloaded the most? Apptism can help. The site tracks every app in the store...

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Interactive Music with the iPhone

Irish band Snow Patrol is looking to be the first to invite fans to an interactive experience through an iPhone app. According to Polydor's product manager Liz Goodwin, who has released Snow Patrol's last three records, "It...

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2D Barcode Creator and App for the iPhone

ScanLife now has a 2D barcode app at the iTunes store available for download. If you're not familiar, 2D barcodes can be used for a variety of purposes. When you take a photo with an enabled mobile device, the barcode (ScanLife's...

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