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BlackBerry Launches App World

It's official: BlackBerry has launched their own app platform for smartphones, App World . At the website you can download the system for free. There are a host of free apps to get started with, while paid apps start at $2.99,...

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Vlingo Voice App Comes to iPhone

Google recently launched voice-enabled search , but they're hardly the only players in the game and certainly not pioneers. One of the companies making headway is Vlingo , who recently released a free voice-enabled app for the...

Google BlackBerry App Upgrades

Google has upgraded its BlackBerry app to include a much cleaner interface, search suggestion and a host of other features including Gmail integration, Maps, Calendar syncing, Docs, Feed Reader, Picasa and News. However, many of these...

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Blackberry: XM Radio is Here

Can't get enough entertainment out of emailing, IMing or slowly surfing the Web? Now you can get XM radio for your Blackberry. The optimized-for-mobile service features 20 exclusive channels and 24-hour comedy programming. You'll...

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