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Newspapers Adapt to the Times: Will Charge for Online Content

It's amazing that it took this long. But MediaNews Group, which owns the Denver Post and more than 140 other papers, plans to start charging users for online content. "We cannot continue to give all our content away for free...

Targeting Bloggers on Twitter for Maximum Exposure

According to, Twitter's traffic grew over 75 percent in March, up to more than 14 million unique visitors from 8 million in February. That's a plenty strong argument to use Twitter to promote your brand, products...

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MyAlltop Makes RSS User-Friendly, Get Indexed

We've written in the past about users' reluctance to accept RSS and how that affects marketers. In short, users aren't grasping the technology (or just don't care) while marketers and publishers are spending valuable...

PageReboot: Scheduled Refresh of Any Web Page

PageReboot does one thing and it works. Enter any URL and a rate of refresh, and the site will display that page, then refresh automatically on your set schedule. There is also a bookmarklet option so you can drag links to start refreshing...

Forrester: Consumers Don't Trust Corporate Blogs

Forrester Research released the results of a study that indicates corporate blogs are one of the least-trusted sources of information online. According to the study, email from friends is highly trusted (77%), consumer reviews come...

Google Reader Gets Translation

Google has announced full inclusion of language translation to Google Reader. Now you can pull feeds from a variety of languages and translate the content in seconds through your feed reader. To do this, simply click on the feed you...

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Memiary: Easy Catalog of Your Days

It happens often - I do something on a particular day, but can't remember when I did it. Then begins the painstaking process of recalling the past from memory. But there's a solution. Memiary ('memory + diary' pronounced...

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Create Your Website's Widget in Minutes

Spreading your content is a must in today's viral Web environment. Widgadget has an easy way to do it by letting you create widgets from your content, then embed that widget in places like iGoogle, Netvibes, Wordpress, Blogger...

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TubeChop: Share, Embed Only Portions of Video

We've all been there. There's a great video on YouTube, but it's long and you only want to share a portion of it with your friends or your blog audience. lets you select that portion - and only that portion...

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Finding Personal Finance Help

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about your personal finances these days. The state of the economy is downright scary, fuel costs are high, food prices are swelling and the future of social security is less than certain...

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ThemeForest Provides Blog Theme Marketplace

At ThemeForest , consumers can shop for quality themes for such platforms as WordPress, Drupal and others while developers can find a marketplace to sell their themes. After creating an account you deposit cash into the system and...

Get Flickr Photos With Color Schemes

Multicolr Search Lab (from idee) has a tool that's a must for bloggers, or anyone else who wants to get photos with a specific color scheme. Simply select the colors you want (up to 10) and the tool will automatically return images...

Family Trip Planning with

Vacation planning site is focused on helping families find kid-friendly destinations and deals for vacations. On the website you can search or browse by country or region and even start your search by entering your...

Listen to Your Favorite Blogs at Home or on the Go

The blogoshpere is enormous and that means you don't always have time to read everything you would like. PimpMyNews is solving this problem by providing audio readouts of your favorite blogs that you can listen to on your PC, iPhone...

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Kaltura Video WordPress Plugin

Kaltura is an open source video platform that has developed a plugin for WordPress 2.5 or higher. Essentially, it lets you upload video to your blog, allows for commenting and for other users to post video responses and full video...

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