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Quickly Create a Quality Logo Without Photoshop or a Designer

Every successful website needs a logo, but creating a logo without a dedicated designer can be difficult. There are logo generators to be found on the Web, but many of them use stock clip art and just don't look good. However,...

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Websites are Failing Consumers this Holiday Season

A study by customer analytics firm iPerceptions finds that consumers are not being served well on retailers' websites. The mid-holiday report surveyed data from 300,000 website visitors in November and December, 2008. Task completion...

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Twitrratr: Search Emotions on Twitter

There are plenty of Twitter search tools out there, and here's another: Twitrratr . Here, you can enter a search term and get results back broken out in positive, negative or neutral tweets according to that topic. It works through...

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Twittering With Consumers

Within the past 12 months, Twitter has moved from a curious time waster to a serious business tool. To some consumers, that's a problem - another user-oriented tool being invaded by business. To others, it's a way to connect...

Five Easy Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

Getting consumers to your website is one thing, and requires a special set of tools - SEO, SEM, networking and many other marketing strategies. Keeping them on your site and coming back is entirely different. One powerful method is...

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A Memory Game with Your Flickr Images

What do consumers like? Games. And engaging them with a custom game is a great way to brand your business. Flickr Memari (beta) is a nice little site that lets you create a memory game by mining your Flickr images. It's pretty...

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