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Google Chrome Extensions in the Works

Google's Chrome browser will be getting extensions very soon, welcome news to users. According to analysis from CNET, Chrome currently has about 3.6% market share: far behind Safari (18.2%), Firefox (37.4%) and Internet Explorer...

Firefox Friday: Split Browser Add-on

Tabbed browsing is great, constantly swtiching between tabs is not. If you need to view two or more tabs at the same time, check out the Split Browser add-on . Click on any tab, then select "Split" from your browser menu...

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Comment, Collaborate on Any Element of Any Web Page

Reframe It is an extension (available for both Firefox and IE) that allows you to make comments on any page or portion of a page and share that comment with the entire Reframe It community, or your chosen contacts. Here's how it...

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One-click Visual Access and Sharing of Your Favorite Sites

I recently wrote about Apptism , a Firefox extension that presents a visual of thumbnails of your favorite websites to speed up your daily browsing habits. It follows on the heels of Chrome and it's popular feature of showing thumbnails...

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Featured Add-on: Fast Dial Brings a Little Chrome to Firefox

One of the early popular features of Google's Chrome Browser is the start page - where all of your most recently visited pages are displayed in a thumbnail view - also a feature in Opera with Speed Dial. There is a new, updated...

This Week in the Social Sphere

Digg Restricts Blind Digging : One of the most "dugg" stories on over the past seven days is a screenshot of a new restriction on the site. "Drive-by-digging" or "blind digging" refers to the...

Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

You might be surprised at how much more effective you can be online with the proper keyboard shortcuts. Reaching for you mouse, right-clicking, double-clicking, dragging ... it can all be very time consuming. While it may seem like...

Mashed Life Offers One-Click Secure Login to All Your Sites

With the abundance of social networks out there and the need to login to just about every site you visit to get what you want, remembering passwords and login IDs can be a major hassle. Not to mention the security risk presented when...

Browsing Far and Wide with Widexplorer

I'm always skeptical of new browsing techniques. Mostly, because they never seem to deliver on their promises and can never offer anything that I didn't already have. Widexplorer is different. This site offers side-scroll browsing...

Mozilla Names Best Firefox 3 Extensions

Mozilla's Firefox browser opened the door to a custom browsing experience for millions, so its no surprise that they would run a contest to feature the best in their customization tools. Extend Firefox 3 examined over 100 new extensions...

Mozilla's Concept Series

Embracing change, the community and open-source software has been a real strong suit for Mozilla. And they are continuing their winning ways with the Concept Series. In short, Mozilla wants to know your vision of the future of the...

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