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UK Consumers Spend More Online - Where to Find Them

JupiterResearch has released a study that shows UK consumers will spend 40 percent more online than the average U.S. consumer, on their way to making 24 percent more purchases. Another revealing finding is that UK consumers are eight...

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Consumer Confidence Plunges in October

According to The Conference Board , a New York-based business research group, consumer confidence is in shambles. The Consumer Confidence Index was created in 1967, and the current score of 38 is its lowest ever. That's down from...

Comparison Shopping from Your Mobile

Did you ever get the feeling while shopping that you might not be getting the best deal? Pongr is an application that can make sure you do. There are a few ways to use the service. The first, and easiest is to take a photo of the product...

Where Are Consumers Comparison Shopping?

With the economy sagging, consumers will likely slow down their spending. While it doesn't mean people will stop shopping altogether, it's a good bet that consumers will start looking for better deals on the products they want...

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