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New and Improved Digg Search

One of's biggest shortcomings has always been the search feature. It returned results that were not always relevant or timely. So, by popular demand, Digg has completely revamped their search results. Enter a term and...

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Stuck in the Social Media Vaccuum?

Social media is all the buzz these days. Media outlets, marketers, TV and business magazines (including this one) tout the power of social media to reach the public, shape opinion and even change how we do business. And it's true... Track the Fastest Rising Stories on

Digg can be a good measuring stick on the popularity, or viral nature of content on the Web. If a story is gaining momentum on Digg, you can be sure it's spreading throughout the Web's myriad of channels. Digg stories can also...

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Real-Time News, Free From Manipulation

One of the biggest complaints about Digg and similar sites is that the stories, or "news" can be manipulated by voting blocs. And one of the complaints about a site like Yahoo Buzz is that it's controlled and filtered...

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Consumers Migrating to Share Important News

Social networking, submission and bookmarking sites are nothing new. In fact, they are discussed ad nauseum all over the Internet. But, these sites remain a good place to find consumers. Pick an industry, even a product and you will...

This Week in the Social Sphere

Digg Restricts Blind Digging : One of the most "dugg" stories on over the past seven days is a screenshot of a new restriction on the site. "Drive-by-digging" or "blind digging" refers to the...

Dwigger: Digg for Twitter

Dwigger is a new service that lets you not only post "Tweets" on Twitter and Dwigger, but lets other users reply to your messages in a threaded conversation stream format and vote on content, ala Digg. As long as you have...

Browsing Far and Wide with Widexplorer

I'm always skeptical of new browsing techniques. Mostly, because they never seem to deliver on their promises and can never offer anything that I didn't already have. Widexplorer is different. This site offers side-scroll browsing...

The Complete User's Guide to Yahoo Buzz

Now that Yahoo Buzz has opened to all publishers, expect a lot more activity. Below you will find a complete guide to getting the most out of Yahoo Buzz as a user. See also: The Complete Publisher's Guide to Yahoo Buzz . The Home...

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