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Create an Instant Chat Room Through Twitter

Sometimes you might find yourself engaged in a conversation spawned by Twitter, with a fellow Twitter user. Usually that either turns into a slew of "@" messages, cluttering your home page, or a volley of direct messages...

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Best Practice: Email Re-offers Immediately

I was a Web consumer yesterday, buying flowers online. First, I went to and searched for what I wanted. I found it and started through the checkout process. But when I neared the end, the price (including shipping) had...

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Gmail Labs Rolls Out Gmail Offline

An experimental feature has been added to Gmail - offline access. Using Gears, you can now download a cache of your mail, for offline viewing. You can then also compose email and it is stored in your outbox until you are connected...

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RSS: Consumers Don't Care and Marketers Shouldn't Bother

"What is RSS?" This was number five on the top-ten list of "What is" questions asked at Google, according to their Zeitgeist list for 2008 . For years, and to this day, RSS is lauded by some as an effective content...

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Twilert: Get Email Alerts When Your Company is Twittered

We all know the importance of extending our brands into the social networks, and Twitter is no exception. It can be a great way to connect with consumers ( read about Twittering with consumers ) and maintain a level of control over...

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Xobni Extends Functionality to Yahoo, Facebook, Hoovers

Xobni gained some attention at initial launch, and with good reason. The Outlook plugin indexes email, enabling users to quickly organize their messages, search for attachments and follow conversations much more effectively than standard...

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Gmail Adds Video Chat

Gmail has plenty of interactive features and now they've added a big one: video chat. All you need is a webcam and a microphone. The plugin is available now, and reportedly works in all browsers. Check out the video below for a...

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Send and Track Bulk Emails, SMS and More

Notifu is a free service that lets you send messages to either an individual or a group, via text message, IM, email or voicemail (or all) and then track when/if the message was read and gather responses. You can compose a message...

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Are Consumers Ready for Mobile Advertising?

Consumer confidence is down, the economy is up and down and there are reports all over the Web anticipating a slow online buying season. But one industry is up - and shows no signs of slowing down. According to various estimates Apple's...

Gmail Introduces Canned Responses

If you get a lot of email, and most of you probably do, Gmail has an option for you. Canned Responses is just what it sounds like - a collection of pre-written email responses that you write, save, and can then insert quickly into...

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Reading and Writing Novels by Text

It's a trend that quickly swept across Japan - reading and writing novels or stories through the mobile phone, via text message. In Japan, 5 of the top 10 best sellers from 2007 were cell phone novels, according to the website...

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