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Google Insight for Search Gadget

If you're an iGoogle user, there's a new gadget that could be of great value. Insights for Search displays the top rising searches in the last seven days. After adding the gadget you can edit the settings - by results type...

Panorama: In-Depth Analysis Within Google Docs

If you needed another reason to use Google Docs, Panorama has one for you: deep analysis. In short, it's a simplified way of creating pivot tables on spreadsheets. Start by setting up a spreadsheet in Google Docs, just like you...

Gadget Envy: Flip Mino Video Camera

I don't need to tell you about the power of online video. What I would like to share is a way to make it simple, lightning-fast and always available. The Flip Mino (my latest gadget purchase) is about the size and weight of a slim...

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iPods Get Upgrades - Greener Too

Apple has announced the full release of an all new iPod Nano, as well as some upgrades to the iPod touch and other models. The Nano features the slimmest of all iPod designs, as well as a larger screen than previous versions and is...

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Another iPhone Update and a Must-have Gadget

This is starting to sound redundant, but Apple has released a new version of the iPhone operating system, 2.0.2. The update is intended to fix bugs, mostly lag issues. According to users and Wired's Gadget Lab testers, the lag...

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