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US Claims Top Spot in Mobile Browsing, Purchasing

Mobile analytics provdier Bango reports that the US has overtaken the UK as the top mobile browsing and buying country in the world. It's not hard to imagine that the growing number of mobile subscribers, mobile Web capable devices...

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Free iPhone Apps Hardly Ever Used

Pinch Media (iPhone business specialists) conducted an analysis and found that after downloading, iPhone apps are hardly used. According to the analysis of 30 million downloads, just 20% of free apps are revisited one day later. That...

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Get Your Personal iPhone App

InfoMedia is offering a way to create your own iPhone app, without any programming knowledge whatsoever. As of yet, there are no pricing plans available, only an application to fill out. When it does become available, it will include...

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Apple Owns the Mobile Web

No surprise really, but the latest data from AdMob (the leading mobile advertising marketplace) shows that Apple is crushing the competition in the mobile Web space in the U.S. What is a surprise, however, is that the iPod touch is...

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Mobile Advertising En Masse Begins, Thanks to Google

The mobile online advertising revolution has begun. Google announced they are displaying AdWords text and image ads on results pages through their mobile portal. The ads will appear on iPhones, G1s and other mobile devices with full...

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Vlingo Voice App Comes to iPhone

Google recently launched voice-enabled search , but they're hardly the only players in the game and certainly not pioneers. One of the companies making headway is Vlingo , who recently released a free voice-enabled app for the...

Free iPhone TouchType Email App

If you don't know about TouchType, it's an iPhone app that gives you a larger, horizontal keyboard to use for typing out emails. It also has the ability to save text snippets so that if you're sending the same response...

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Google Voice Search is Finally Here

Voice-enabled search has been long anticipated, and who better to deliver than Google? The iPhone is the proud recipient of a new Google voice search app, available at the iTunes store, through the updated Google Mobile app. And early...

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Optimize Your Site for iPhone in Seconds

With iPhones flying off shelves around the globe, can you afford to not have your site optimized? Check out Enter your website's RSS feed, name it and click a button. That's it. You can also add a 57x57 thumbnail...

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Early Look: Top 10 Android Apps

T-Mobile released the G1 mobile phone to the public this week, the first true competitor to the iPhone. And what makes the G1 a legitimate threat is Google's Android operating system, complete with apps, just like the iPhone. But...

Turn Your RSS Feed Into an iPhone App in Minutes

AppLoop has a tool that will take your RSS feed (or any RSS feed) and turn it into a native iPhone app, which you can then submit to the App store for approval, along with Android. AppLoop does all of the work for you, including importing...

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Comparison Shopping from Your Mobile

Did you ever get the feeling while shopping that you might not be getting the best deal? Pongr is an application that can make sure you do. There are a few ways to use the service. The first, and easiest is to take a photo of the product...

Quicken Online is Now Free

Intuit has lifted the pricing on their online version of Quicken . And, in reality, they had to. With services like Mint and others providing virtually the same thing for free, it was about time Intuit realized that they were fading...

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Android Will Kill the iPhone and Cripple AT&T - Eventually

T-Mobile and Google announced the Android-loaded, HTC-manufactured G1 phone this morning to an enthusiastic crowd, waiting to be awestruck. At first glance, the G1 looks to be on very even ground with the iPhone. But look a little...

This Week in the Social Sphere

Digg Restricts Blind Digging : One of the most "dugg" stories on over the past seven days is a screenshot of a new restriction on the site. "Drive-by-digging" or "blind digging" refers to the...

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