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Generic Domain Names Get More Clicks

A study by finds that generic domain names within online ads get significantly more clicks than branded names. The company tested the theory using an AdWords PPC campaign, testing electric bicycles. They used...

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Find Top Sites in Any Category with Weblisty

If you want to know who the leader is in any given category, try a search on Weblisty . This site aggregates data from Alexa and Quantcast to list the sites with the most traffic for a category of your choosing. The site also provides...

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Keyword Suggestions at a Glance

Using the right keywords can make the difference between obscurity and getting your content a respectable ranking on the search engines. And there are plenty of tools from which to choose. But Soovle offers something a bit different...

Twopular: Find Hot Topics and Keywords on Twitter

There's no doubting that Twitter can net plenty of traffic if you hit a popular topic at the right time. Twopular helps you identify popular topics. On the home page, you can see the most popular topics on Twitter categorized by...

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Google Trends Quick Hit: Wine, Cheese and Turkey

As the weather begins to chill, so do consumers. Taking a quick look at 2007 Google Trends , searches in the U.S. for wine, cheese and turkey start to heat up right about now. Turkey, of course, peaks right at the end of November,...

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