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Fastest Rising and Falling Consumer Searches has released a study of the Web's fastest rising and falling searches , revealing Twitter as the term Web consumers searched most in March. It marked a 130% growth from February 2009. The top 10 fastest rising terms...

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Using Twitter as Google SEO

Twitter is gaining in popularity with users, marketers and with Google - another reason to start a Twitter account if you don't already have one. If you do use Twitter, search for your company name in Google and see what pops up...

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Google Shows Longer Descriptions in Results

According to Google's blog (if you haven't noticed) they are now showing longer snippets with search results, for longer queries. So, if a user's search term is longer than a few words, each result will show a longer description...

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Find Top Sites in Any Category with Weblisty

If you want to know who the leader is in any given category, try a search on Weblisty . This site aggregates data from Alexa and Quantcast to list the sites with the most traffic for a category of your choosing. The site also provides...

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WeFollow: New Twitter Directory from Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose, founder of, has a new project. WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users separated by category and influence within that category. So if you're looking for some influencers you would like to follow (thus increasing...

Keyword Suggestions at a Glance

Using the right keywords can make the difference between obscurity and getting your content a respectable ranking on the search engines. And there are plenty of tools from which to choose. But Soovle offers something a bit different...

Users are Searching Longer Terms

Hitwise reports that users are searching longer terms than before. Long queries (considered to be five or more words in length) rose a full 10 percent in January compared with January one year ago. At the same time, short queries ...

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Are Users Searching by Numbers or Letters?

Top 10 lists are a good way to get attention and traffic to a blog post. And the same can be said about top 5, 25 or top 50 lists. But could you be doing more to get search traffic on these lists? Using Google Trends , a search for...

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Expand Your Searches Across Multiple Sites With One Click

Try This Search On is an extension installed through Greasemonkey that lets you search multiple sites for your search term with one click. You can search the likes of Google, Ask, MSN, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr ... the list goes on...

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Hittery: Search Across Multiple Platforms on One Page

There are plenty of ways to search. And if you're looking for something in particular, you might need to access several search portals to find it. Hittery has a potential solution. This site lets you create a "personal search...

Mobile Search Skyrockets With Users: What You Need to Know

According to Comscore , mobile search is taking off in a big way with consumers. Compared to 2007, mobile search has increased 68% in the US. No doubt, the influx of smart phones and 3G network penetration has helped. And there are...

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Twitter Reactivates Their Pointless People Search

Much buzz has been circulating over Twitter's re-release of people search, which was deactivated for some time. You can access it through your home page, under the "Find People" tab. Enter a company or individual's...

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Firefox Add-On of the Day: Cloudlet

There's a new Firefox add-on that provides a very Web-2.0 savvy way to search. Cloudlet adds tag clouds to your search results through Google and Yahoo. Enter a search term, and above the organic results you'll see a tag cloud...

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Google Zeitgeist: What Consumer Search Behavior Can Tell Us

Every year, Google releases Zeitgeist , their roundup of user search behavior from January through November - data culled from billions of searches. Of course, you're bound to see terms like "sarah palin" and "obama...

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Twilert: Get Email Alerts When Your Company is Twittered

We all know the importance of extending our brands into the social networks, and Twitter is no exception. It can be a great way to connect with consumers ( read about Twittering with consumers ) and maintain a level of control over...

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