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The Importance of Your Twitter Image

As Twitter continues to sweep the Internet, it only makes sense that users are adding more and more followers each day. And while services like TweetDeck can help manage all those incoming tweets, not everyone is using them. That presents...

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Targeting Bloggers on Twitter for Maximum Exposure

According to, Twitter's traffic grew over 75 percent in March, up to more than 14 million unique visitors from 8 million in February. That's a plenty strong argument to use Twitter to promote your brand, products...

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Stuck in the Social Media Vaccuum?

Social media is all the buzz these days. Media outlets, marketers, TV and business magazines (including this one) tout the power of social media to reach the public, shape opinion and even change how we do business. And it's true...

Using Twitter as Google SEO

Twitter is gaining in popularity with users, marketers and with Google - another reason to start a Twitter account if you don't already have one. If you do use Twitter, search for your company name in Google and see what pops up...

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WeFollow: New Twitter Directory from Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose, founder of, has a new project. WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users separated by category and influence within that category. So if you're looking for some influencers you would like to follow (thus increasing...

Twibs: Business Directory for Twitter

A common complaint among Twitter users in the past has been the lack of ways to find businesses. We have documented the problems with Twitter search before, and although it is getting better of late, there can still be difficulties...

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5 Reasons the New-Look Facebook Could Sink Twitter

Facebook is launching a new look, and the main focus is on real-time feeds and status updates on every user's home page - including businesses. Sound familiar? It should, because that's been the very model of success for Twitter...

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Twopular: Find Hot Topics and Keywords on Twitter

There's no doubting that Twitter can net plenty of traffic if you hit a popular topic at the right time. Twopular helps you identify popular topics. On the home page, you can see the most popular topics on Twitter categorized by...

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Create an Instant Chat Room Through Twitter

Sometimes you might find yourself engaged in a conversation spawned by Twitter, with a fellow Twitter user. Usually that either turns into a slew of "@" messages, cluttering your home page, or a volley of direct messages...

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Poll Your Twitter Followers with Two Clicks

One of the advantages of Twitter is that it's fast - users type fast messages, telling everyone what they think in a matter of seconds. So, it would seem that polling Twitter users would be a natural fit. With PollDaddy for Twitter...

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Magpie: A Twitter Ad Network With Big Possibilities and Problems

Twitter may not have a real business model, but that's not stopping others from figuring out a way to make money on the micro blogging site. In short: Magpie works by sending tweets under the cover of your profile, but from advertisers...

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Send Multiple URLs With One Small URL

If you have ever wanted to direct someone to multiple websites at once, 1link might be the tool for you. Here, you can enter multiple URLs into a box, one line per URL (no registration required), and then get one small URL in return...

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Splitweet: Multi-account Twitter Manager

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? If so, have a look at Splitweet . This service lets you enter your multiple accounts and manage them all in the same window. There are several attractive features that make it worthwhile. You...

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MyCleenr: Stop Following Dead Twitter Accounts

There may have been a time when the best way for you to get Twitter followers was to follow a bunch of accounts related to your interests or your industry. And yes, following is often the best way to get your own followers. But after...

Facebook Overtakes MySpace

For the first time, according to the latest data from Compete, Facebook outdrew MySpace in terms of unique visitors. But Facebook isn't the fastest growing network. Twitter's numbers grew 27.6% in December, and 752% for the...

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