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Tweet Manager: Supercharge Your Twittering

It seems like a new Twitter tool is released every day. And many of them focus around building followers, finding those with similar interests and marketing. Tweet Manager does all three and, so far, exceptionally well. There are a...

Twitter Reactivates Their Pointless People Search

Much buzz has been circulating over Twitter's re-release of people search, which was deactivated for some time. You can access it through your home page, under the "Find People" tab. Enter a company or individual's...

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State of the Twittersphere, Q4 2008

Online marketing firm HubSpot has released the results of a report detailing micro-blogging and networking site, Twitter . And if you have joined Twitter this year, you're hardly alone. According to the report, more than 70 percent...

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Twilert: Get Email Alerts When Your Company is Twittered

We all know the importance of extending our brands into the social networks, and Twitter is no exception. It can be a great way to connect with consumers ( read about Twittering with consumers ) and maintain a level of control over...

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Can't-Miss Black Friday Websites and Resources

According to the National Retail Federation's 2008 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, 72.0 percent of consumers have completed less than 10 percent of their shopping. So, that means the upcoming weeks are going to...

Free iPhone TouchType Email App

If you don't know about TouchType, it's an iPhone app that gives you a larger, horizontal keyboard to use for typing out emails. It also has the ability to save text snippets so that if you're sending the same response...

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Twitrratr: Search Emotions on Twitter

There are plenty of Twitter search tools out there, and here's another: Twitrratr . Here, you can enter a search term and get results back broken out in positive, negative or neutral tweets according to that topic. It works through...

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Twittering With Consumers

Within the past 12 months, Twitter has moved from a curious time waster to a serious business tool. To some consumers, that's a problem - another user-oriented tool being invaded by business. To others, it's a way to connect...

StockTwits: Twitter for Your Investments

If there's a volatile industry out there that needs constant updating, it's the stock market. And StockTwits fits in perfectly, providing Twitter users with a platform to discuss, recommend and track investments. Get started...

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Combine Many URLs Into One for Easy Sharing

If you're a Twitter user, you have surely heard of TinyURL . If not, the service simply takes a long URL and shortens it, so you can share it with services like Twitter with character limits. Now, Shrink2One has released a service...

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Just Tweet It: A New Twitter Directory

If you're a Twitter user, check out Just Tweet It . It's essentially a directory of Twitter users, broken out by categories and industries. They range from PR/Marketing to Sports, Web Developers to Environmentalists. If you're...

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Yammer Launches API and Developer Platform

Yammer , the Techcrunch50 "Best in Show" winner has announced the release of their API. The "Twitter for Enterprises," Yammer will likely see a big uptake in use thanks to the integration of tools the API will foster...

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Dwigger: Digg for Twitter

Dwigger is a new service that lets you not only post "Tweets" on Twitter and Dwigger, but lets other users reply to your messages in a threaded conversation stream format and vote on content, ala Digg. As long as you have...

Mixx Adds Twitter to Groups

For Mixx users out there, a new feature has been added. Twitter feeds are now available through Mixx Communities. If you run a Mixx community, you'll find the ability to import a Twitter feed in the Editorial section of your group...

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