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Real-Time News, Free From Manipulation

One of the biggest complaints about Digg and similar sites is that the stories, or "news" can be manipulated by voting blocs. And one of the complaints about a site like Yahoo Buzz is that it's controlled and filtered...

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StarReviews Provides Expert and Consumer Website Reviews

StarReviews is aiming to be a Consumer Reports of Websites. The site incudes articles and reviews by their experts, along with user reviews, comments and suggestions through a network of user profiles. There are several categories...

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Entrepreneurship, Mark Cuban and Melding Minds

TechCrunch50 featured an interesting - and flawed application called IMINDI . It attempts to build mind maps then grow those mind maps through the power of collaboration with the collective Internet audience. Essentially, you begin...

Mozilla Labs Introduces Web 3.0: Ubiquity

It should come as no surprise that Mozilla - creator of Firefox and its never-ending list of add-ons and browsing personalization features - is looking to reshape the Web experience for everyone. And the release of Ubiquity 0.1 is...

Predicting the Future with Ziitrend

The term "wisdom of the crowd" comes to mind when looking at Ziitrend , a social prediction platform that taps users to help predict the future - everything from the 2008 election to recently released stock predictions. It...

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