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Behavioral, Local Mobile Ads on the Rise

The Kelsey Group is predicting that local mobile advertising is going to take off - in a big way. Ad revenue reached $160 million in 2008, but Kelsey estimates it will skyrocket to more than $3.1 billion in 2013, just four years from...

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Fastest Rising and Falling Consumer Searches has released a study of the Web's fastest rising and falling searches , revealing Twitter as the term Web consumers searched most in March. It marked a 130% growth from February 2009. The top 10 fastest rising terms...

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Expand Your Searches Across Multiple Sites With One Click

Try This Search On is an extension installed through Greasemonkey that lets you search multiple sites for your search term with one click. You can search the likes of Google, Ask, MSN, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr ... the list goes on...

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Mobile Search Skyrockets With Users: What You Need to Know

According to Comscore , mobile search is taking off in a big way with consumers. Compared to 2007, mobile search has increased 68% in the US. No doubt, the influx of smart phones and 3G network penetration has helped. And there are...

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Firefox Add-On of the Day: Cloudlet

There's a new Firefox add-on that provides a very Web-2.0 savvy way to search. Cloudlet adds tag clouds to your search results through Google and Yahoo. Enter a search term, and above the organic results you'll see a tag cloud...

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Vlingo Voice App Comes to iPhone

Google recently launched voice-enabled search , but they're hardly the only players in the game and certainly not pioneers. One of the companies making headway is Vlingo , who recently released a free voice-enabled app for the...

Xobni Extends Functionality to Yahoo, Facebook, Hoovers

Xobni gained some attention at initial launch, and with good reason. The Outlook plugin indexes email, enabling users to quickly organize their messages, search for attachments and follow conversations much more effectively than standard...

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Yahoo! Deals Launches

It's time for holiday shopping, and consumers are in the mood to save money this year. So, Yahoo launched Yahoo! Deals . The site is an extension of Yahoo Shopping and features daily deals from sites like Woot!, Amazon and DealNews...

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Looking for That Perfect Image? Try Pixolu

Pixolu is "a prototype implementation of an academic research project on semantic image search." It works, albeit with a few bugs right now. Enter your search term and you will get back a set of about 100 images, culled from...

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Get Expert Answers with JustAnswer

Wikipedia has become known as a catch-all of information available on the Web. It's also been known for providing inaccurate information. Yahoo Answers has quickly become a hot destination for some Q&A with the Web public....

Browsing Far and Wide with Widexplorer

I'm always skeptical of new browsing techniques. Mostly, because they never seem to deliver on their promises and can never offer anything that I didn't already have. Widexplorer is different. This site offers side-scroll browsing...

Search and Shop for Charity

We would all like to contribute to our favorite charities. But we're all also busy people and expendable income is harder to find these days. But you can donate and it won't cost you a dime, and there's really no extra...

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The Complete User's Guide to Yahoo Buzz

Now that Yahoo Buzz has opened to all publishers, expect a lot more activity. Below you will find a complete guide to getting the most out of Yahoo Buzz as a user. See also: The Complete Publisher's Guide to Yahoo Buzz . The Home...

I'm Now a Yahoo! Messenger Power User - Who Knew?

I've been alerted this afternoon via email that I'm now a Yahoo! Messenger Power User ... even though I've never used Yahoo! Messenger. But, according to Yahoo! I'm an "expert" at staying in touch with my...

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