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AddThis Widget Claims to Reach Half of Internet Population

Popular widget AddThis (at right) and Clearspring have released news of a comScore study that claims they now reach nearly 50 percent of the entire global Web population - more than 500 billion people. Of course, that doesn't mean...

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Consumers Flock to Online Classifieds

According to a study by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, online classified websites are soaring in popularity with consumers - doubling their usage sice 2005. As it stands, nearly half (49 percent...

Behavioral, Local Mobile Ads on the Rise

The Kelsey Group is predicting that local mobile advertising is going to take off - in a big way. Ad revenue reached $160 million in 2008, but Kelsey estimates it will skyrocket to more than $3.1 billion in 2013, just four years from...

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Newspapers Adapt to the Times: Will Charge for Online Content

It's amazing that it took this long. But MediaNews Group, which owns the Denver Post and more than 140 other papers, plans to start charging users for online content. "We cannot continue to give all our content away for free...

User Reviews Invade Google SERPs

It's no secret that online user reviews can be of great significance to businesses. But a recent search of some brick-and-mortar businesses reveals just how important these reviews can be - particularly in the eyes of Google. And...

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Automate Video Feeds to Your Facebook Wall

Facebook and Twitter are currently waging war in the "update" arena. But one distinct advantage Facebook has over Twitter is the ability to embed multimedia directly into status updates without requiring the user to click...

Generic Domain Names Get More Clicks

A study by finds that generic domain names within online ads get significantly more clicks than branded names. The company tested the theory using an AdWords PPC campaign, testing electric bicycles. They used...

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US Weekly Breaks the Facebook Advertising Mold

In a first, celebrity gossip magazine US Weekly has accepted a sponsorship to their Facebook Fan Page . State Farm can now be seen as the official sponsor to US Weekly's presence on Facebook. It's a powerful message to the...

Take Advantage of iGoogle's What's Popular Gadget

Google has recently introduced "What's Popular," a gadget for user iGoogle startup pages. The gadget will display popular items of interest in the form of links with titles and short descriptions from Google's index...

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The Importance of Your Twitter Image

As Twitter continues to sweep the Internet, it only makes sense that users are adding more and more followers each day. And while services like TweetDeck can help manage all those incoming tweets, not everyone is using them. That presents...

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RetailMeNot: Now Printable Coupons, a popular site that offers digital coupons to consumers announced it will now offer 90,000 printable coupons to be used for brick-and-mortar shopping. Users can search by business name, location, or browse categories...

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Fastest Rising and Falling Consumer Searches has released a study of the Web's fastest rising and falling searches , revealing Twitter as the term Web consumers searched most in March. It marked a 130% growth from February 2009. The top 10 fastest rising terms...

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New Yelp Feedback Options for Businesses

Yelp, ever an advocate for the consumer, is now letting businesses post responses to user comments and reviews. So, if your business receives a negative review on Yelp, you can now respond for everyone to see, and that's a good...

Consumer Confidence Rising

RBC Financial Group reports that consumer confidence is on its way back up, after seven months of a downward spiral. The CASH (Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household) Index jumped 30.1 points to reach 38.3 - the first improvement...

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New and Improved Digg Search

One of's biggest shortcomings has always been the search feature. It returned results that were not always relevant or timely. So, by popular demand, Digg has completely revamped their search results. Enter a term and...

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