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Targeting Bloggers on Twitter for Maximum Exposure

According to, Twitter's traffic grew over 75 percent in March, up to more than 14 million unique visitors from 8 million in February. That's a plenty strong argument to use Twitter to promote your brand, products...

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Google Insight for Search Gadget

If you're an iGoogle user, there's a new gadget that could be of great value. Insights for Search displays the top rising searches in the last seven days. After adding the gadget you can edit the settings - by results type...

Young Consumers are Internet Coupon Clippers

A research study from Platform-A and IRI polled more than 36,000 panelists and found that online coupons hold great interest to Internet users - particularly the younger generations. The study revealed that nearly 4 out of every 10...

BlackBerry Launches App World

It's official: BlackBerry has launched their own app platform for smartphones, App World . At the website you can download the system for free. There are a host of free apps to get started with, while paid apps start at $2.99,...

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Stuck in the Social Media Vaccuum?

Social media is all the buzz these days. Media outlets, marketers, TV and business magazines (including this one) tout the power of social media to reach the public, shape opinion and even change how we do business. And it's true... Track the Fastest Rising Stories on

Digg can be a good measuring stick on the popularity, or viral nature of content on the Web. If a story is gaining momentum on Digg, you can be sure it's spreading throughout the Web's myriad of channels. Digg stories can also...

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Users Accept Online Video Advertising

A survey from Knowledge Networks shows that users are getting quite accustomed to advertising on online video. Results show that 80 percent (up from 67 percent in 2006) of network TV video downloaders favor ads in exchange for free...

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Using Twitter as Google SEO

Twitter is gaining in popularity with users, marketers and with Google - another reason to start a Twitter account if you don't already have one. If you do use Twitter, search for your company name in Google and see what pops up...

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Google Shows Longer Descriptions in Results

According to Google's blog (if you haven't noticed) they are now showing longer snippets with search results, for longer queries. So, if a user's search term is longer than a few words, each result will show a longer description...

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Find Top Sites in Any Category with Weblisty

If you want to know who the leader is in any given category, try a search on Weblisty . This site aggregates data from Alexa and Quantcast to list the sites with the most traffic for a category of your choosing. The site also provides...

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Top 10 Converting Retailers, What We Can Learn

Nielsen Online and Marketing Charts have released a report of the top 10 converting online retailers (minimum of 500K unique visitors during the month). Of course, they are very large websites, but we can learn something from them...

MyAlltop Makes RSS User-Friendly, Get Indexed

We've written in the past about users' reluctance to accept RSS and how that affects marketers. In short, users aren't grasping the technology (or just don't care) while marketers and publishers are spending valuable...

WeFollow: New Twitter Directory from Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose, founder of, has a new project. WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users separated by category and influence within that category. So if you're looking for some influencers you would like to follow (thus increasing...

US Claims Top Spot in Mobile Browsing, Purchasing

Mobile analytics provdier Bango reports that the US has overtaken the UK as the top mobile browsing and buying country in the world. It's not hard to imagine that the growing number of mobile subscribers, mobile Web capable devices...

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Twibs: Business Directory for Twitter

A common complaint among Twitter users in the past has been the lack of ways to find businesses. We have documented the problems with Twitter search before, and although it is getting better of late, there can still be difficulties...

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