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Keyword Suggestions at a Glance

Using the right keywords can make the difference between obscurity and getting your content a respectable ranking on the search engines. And there are plenty of tools from which to choose. But Soovle offers something a bit different...

5 Reasons the New-Look Facebook Could Sink Twitter

Facebook is launching a new look, and the main focus is on real-time feeds and status updates on every user's home page - including businesses. Sound familiar? It should, because that's been the very model of success for Twitter...

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Effective YouTube Marketing with Titles, Descriptions and Thumbnails

While YouTube has emerged as a new channel to market products or services, there is a key marketing element that's just like any other form of advertising - capturing attention. In order to get the most out of your uploaded videos...

Direct Your Users to Interaction

One thing we all want from our consumers is interaction. More page views, more time-on-site and more clicks are good for business. But sometimes just making tools and content available isn't enough. We need to make sure our users...

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Twopular: Find Hot Topics and Keywords on Twitter

There's no doubting that Twitter can net plenty of traffic if you hit a popular topic at the right time. Twopular helps you identify popular topics. On the home page, you can see the most popular topics on Twitter categorized by...

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Users are Searching Longer Terms

Hitwise reports that users are searching longer terms than before. Long queries (considered to be five or more words in length) rose a full 10 percent in January compared with January one year ago. At the same time, short queries ...

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Domain Pigeon: Get Inspired by Available Domain Names

Sometimes it's tough to find a new domain name. Domain Pigeon lists available names, sorted either by date added, alphabetically or by most popular. When a meter shows the name's popularity and double clicking will show how...

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Are Users Searching by Numbers or Letters?

Top 10 lists are a good way to get attention and traffic to a blog post. And the same can be said about top 5, 25 or top 50 lists. But could you be doing more to get search traffic on these lists? Using Google Trends , a search for...

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Consumer Feedback at the Speed of Light

These days companies of all sizes are enjoying (or suffering, depending on how you look at it) consumer feedback at a pace never seen before. Consumers have become empowered with tools that allow them to offer compliments, complaints...

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Free iPhone Apps Hardly Ever Used

Pinch Media (iPhone business specialists) conducted an analysis and found that after downloading, iPhone apps are hardly used. According to the analysis of 30 million downloads, just 20% of free apps are revisited one day later. That...

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Quickly Create a Quality Logo Without Photoshop or a Designer

Every successful website needs a logo, but creating a logo without a dedicated designer can be difficult. There are logo generators to be found on the Web, but many of them use stock clip art and just don't look good. However,...

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Track Everything with Trackle

Trackle is like RSS for your world. When you sign up on the website, you're prompted to enter things you would like to track. And there is no shortage of categories to choose from. You can track neighborhood crime and home values...

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eBay Leads the Way in Customer Dissatisfaction with E-Commerce

According to ForeSee's American Customer Satisfaction Index , customer satisfaction with e-commerce has fallen for the first time in three years. No surprise, given the overall state of the economy. But the biggest loser is eBay...

Create an Instant Chat Room Through Twitter

Sometimes you might find yourself engaged in a conversation spawned by Twitter, with a fellow Twitter user. Usually that either turns into a slew of "@" messages, cluttering your home page, or a volley of direct messages...

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Older Folks Flocking to Facebook - Find Them

According to Inside Facebook - a Facebook watchdog of sorts - women ages 55 and over are signing up to the site at a blistering pace. This age group has grown by more than 175% since September 2008. In addition, the male segment over...

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