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Poll Your Twitter Followers with Two Clicks

One of the advantages of Twitter is that it's fast - users type fast messages, telling everyone what they think in a matter of seconds. So, it would seem that polling Twitter users would be a natural fit. With PollDaddy for Twitter...

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Best Practice: Email Re-offers Immediately

I was a Web consumer yesterday, buying flowers online. First, I went to and searched for what I wanted. I found it and started through the checkout process. But when I neared the end, the price (including shipping) had...

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Create, Embed Video Playlists from Multiple Sites

YouTube is far and away the leader in the online video game, but they are hardly the only players. Some other video sites include Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Blip.TV and MySpace Video - all supported by embedr . With this site you...

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Viral Content Ideas for Valentine's Day

The mother of all Hallmark holidays is soon approaching - Valentine's Day. And users are hitting the Web in droves to seek information. Google Trends shows that search volume started soaring as of Feb. 1 and it will continue to...

Magpie: A Twitter Ad Network With Big Possibilities and Problems

Twitter may not have a real business model, but that's not stopping others from figuring out a way to make money on the micro blogging site. In short: Magpie works by sending tweets under the cover of your profile, but from advertisers...

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State of the Social Sphere

Pew Internet & American Life Project's December 2008 tracking survey revealed some insight into users' online social networking behavior. There are few surprises, but some important points to note. First, the use of social...

Send Multiple URLs With One Small URL

If you have ever wanted to direct someone to multiple websites at once, 1link might be the tool for you. Here, you can enter multiple URLs into a box, one line per URL (no registration required), and then get one small URL in return...

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Splitweet: Multi-account Twitter Manager

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? If so, have a look at Splitweet . This service lets you enter your multiple accounts and manage them all in the same window. There are several attractive features that make it worthwhile. You...

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Marketing on Consumer How-to Video Sites

One of the most popular categories of online video is how-to. TubeMogul released research in July 2008 that showed how-to videos ranked eighth in terms of views, ahead of news and blogs and one spot behind sports. Of course, the majority...

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Gmail Labs Rolls Out Gmail Offline

An experimental feature has been added to Gmail - offline access. Using Gears, you can now download a cache of your mail, for offline viewing. You can then also compose email and it is stored in your outbox until you are connected...

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Expand Your Searches Across Multiple Sites With One Click

Try This Search On is an extension installed through Greasemonkey that lets you search multiple sites for your search term with one click. You can search the likes of Google, Ask, MSN, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr ... the list goes on...

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Straight Talking Consumers with Answer Sites

It's always important to address consumer concerns and questions directly, and as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to place an easily located FAQ section on your site. But these days the conversation about your brand...

Video Ad Rates Drop, Now More Accessible

Average ad rates for pre-roll online video ads dropped 25% in Q4 2008, reports video ad firm BrightRoll. This is seen as a result of more inventory available and a reflection on the current economy. However, overall ad spend on online...

Find Similar Websites with inSuggest

Let's say you found a great website, but you want to see some other, related sites. Check out inSuggest . This site lets you add URLs, then suggests similar sites based on content. You can also get image suggestions, based on the...

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Monitor YouTube with Keyword Alerts

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Attempting to stay on top of all that new material could be a real hassle. So check out . This service will let you monitor YouTube to find when new videos have...

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