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Looking for Press Coverage? Get Social

A new survey from PRWeek and PR Newswire shows that more journalists are using social networks and blogs for story sources. In 2009, 25 percent of journalists used a company blog for sources, and 24 percent used social networks (such...

Google Social Search and the Battle for Social Dominance

Google has announced the release of Google Social Search; promising to bring the most relevant results to your queries by indexing the content submissions of your "social circle." Here's the quick version of how it works...

Managing Your Social Business

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of succeeding online today is managing the increasingly important social side of business. That may be less of an issue thanks to an application released yesterday by Mercury Grove . The product...

Boomerater: Taking the Collective Pulse of Boomers

Following online conversations can go a long way towards finding opportunities within certain demographics. And Baby Boomers make a large, affluent target. In steps Boomerater , "Recommendations & Advice by Boomers for Boomers...

Consumers Migrating to Share Important News

Social networking, submission and bookmarking sites are nothing new. In fact, they are discussed ad nauseum all over the Internet. But, these sites remain a good place to find consumers. Pick an industry, even a product and you will...

Apprema Takes Virtual Gifts, Makes Them Reality

One of the more popular features on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook is the ability to send people a virtual gift - flowers, a drink, whatever. Apprema has a way to send real gifts to your friends throught social networks...

Social Networking with History

TechCrunch50 finalist takes social networking and adds in some historical significance. As a user, you can annotate and contribute to any number of historical events, photos and documents or even upload your own findings...


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