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Aaron Kocourek is an intuitive visionary with a vast understanding of e-commerce and an unbridled passion for social marketing. Additionally, this Google Certified Professional has attained a comprehensive understanding of both paid and organic marketing strategies. An active member in the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, Aaron Kocourek remains up to date on the constantly evolving trends of online marketing.

As Chief Strategist at ReputationAdvocate.com, Aaron Kocourek is responsible for managing a diverse roll call of responsibilities. Successfully understanding the ever-evolving world of search engine criteria means Aaron Kocourek must constantly update the company’s strategies and develop innovative solutions across a number of platforms.

Reputation Advocate helps businesses and individuals manage their online reputations, usually in response to negative or false information on the Internet. Aaron Kocourek works with company executives and information technology personnel to identify the most appropriate avenues to reputation rectification. Since 2009, Aaron Kocourek has successfully led the company through countless search engine algorithm updates and helped to protect client information published via the firm’s proprietary websites and social media outlets. Aaron Kocourek joined Reputation Advocate after enjoying a number of years as a successful Internet entrepreneur and online marketing expert.

Relying on his technical support, web development, and project management skills, Aaron Kocourek continues to assist Reputation Advocate in their quest to promote truth and transparency across the web.

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