Freshdesk Gamifies the Help Desk

Gamification is certainly the trend-du-jour but with all its promise, it’s still hard for many Web workers to imagine just how it can be best utilized.

Cloud-based customer support solution Freshdesk just rolled out a new gamified version of its platform dubbed Freshdesk Arcade. The aim? Turning the often tedious role of customer support into a “collaborative game for every help desk agent.”

Support personnel are awarded “fresh points” for achievements including fast ticket resolution, helping resolve issues in the first call, and of course high customer satisfaction ratings. They can also lose points when negative reviews are received or when a customer or service-level agreement is violated.

And what’s a gamified website or Web service without keeping score? As these support personnel “level up” they improve their position (and earn achievements and “trophies” including Sharpshooter, Speed Racer and Customer Wow Champ) on the internal leaderboard – a perfect virtual measuring stick for those most competitive on your staff.

“At Freshdesk, we obsessively focus on agent productivity, giving every support agent more ways to win the love of customers,” says Girish Mathrubootham, Freshdesk CEO. “With Freshdesk Arcade, we are ultimately giving companies on Freshdesk the ability to turn customer support into a fun game for everyone—the business, agents and the end customers.”

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