New GoDaddy, Sedo Deal Offers Access to Millions More Domains

Domain marketplace Sedo extended its partnership with GoDaddy, giving customers of the registrar and hosting provider the ability to purchase previously owned premium domain names that Sedo users have listed as "Make Offer." Sedo and GoDaddy's initial partnership, which began in January 2012, only featured "Buy Now" listings

“Customers are always looking for just the right domain name, which makes access to the secondary market extremely important,” said Go Daddy Director of Domain Name Aftermarkets Paul Nicks.

“Adding Sedo’s 16 million domain names to Go Daddy’s search results allows us to further optimize our customers’ experience and deliver an even larger variety of relevant domain names. Backed by Go Daddy’s unparalleled customer support, Go Daddy is empowering our customers by providing more tools to enhance their online performance.”

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