Low Latency Analytics Arrive in SiteCatalyst

Today’s Web is fast and vendors of analytics products are increasingly ready to serve. Adobe, for example, is now providing its users access to real-time data in its SiteCatalyst product.

Adobe's new “Current Data” reports show the latest collected data from the current day - for Page Views and Instances on props within one minute, and conversion metrics and instances on eVars within just 20 minutes.

Currently, the latency on standard SiteCatalyst 15 reports can be up to 90 minutes, so the improvement will likely be well received by users, particularly as the holiday shopping season is now less than 65 days away.

As it stands, several reports are unavailable as Current Data reports including mobile and video reports, but expect further improvements soon as Adobe indicated this release was just the first in a multi-phase approach to providing access to recent and real-time analytics for SiteCatalyst customers.

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