Wix Publishing Opens App Market

Web publishing platform Wix has launched an app market for developer integrations. The new Wix SDK (software development kit) will provide an opportunity for developers to access the company's 25 million-plus users.

Apps available for Wix, much like any app for third-party integration, are designed to enhance the functionality of deployment. The market is launching today with 25 apps including those from Instagram, Tumblr, DaPulse (community forum) and RumbleTalk - to name but a few.  

“Serving the Wix website owners is our number one priority," said Avishai Abrahami, Wix co-founder and CEO. "Our goal is to offer a wide choice of apps that provide the popular and niche features Wix users have been asking for or that address current and future market trends. By enabling developers to share their creative genius with our users, the Wix offering becomes dramatically better and the developers gain access to millions of new users for business growth.

“There are hundreds of thousands of talented developers out there already working on innovative apps that will change the way people experience the Web, and we are excited about having some of that talent be part of the Wix experience.”

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