Choose Your Own Cloud with SugarCRM

Things are getting kind of cloudy for SugarCRM, the customer relationship management solution, as it has recently partnered with VMware to bring its vFabric Application Director 5.0 to SugarCRM clients.

VMware is one of the largest cloud infrastructure companies in the world, and by integrating its software into SugarCRM, it will allow organizations of all sizes choose the time of cloud environment that will help them best achieve their business goals as the use the CRM platform.

vFabric Application Director 5.0 is an application provisioning solution that reduces app deployment times from week-long processes to just a few minutes. It also allows VMware users to deploy any application into any cloud during the app’s lifecycle, including heterogeneous clouds.

By collaborating with VMware, SugarCRM is now able to offer its clients the ability to run their CRM service on-demand, on-premises or up in the cloud, and the vFabric Application Director makes it much easier for them to support the quickly increasing number of public and private cloud environments. When customers can use their CRM systems in a variety of cloud environments, it gives businesses an advantage as their organizations evolve and require different systems to operate efficiently.


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