Klipfolio Gets Connected with Google Analytics

Klipfolio, a provider of an operational dashboard for real-time business information and key performance indicators, has added the Google Analytics data connector.

The data connector is used to provde non-technical users with the ability to retrieve data from their Google analytics account. In this case, it essentially ports all your custom analytics data directly to the Klipfolio app (which works for desktops, mobiles, tablets).

In its "simple mode," users are now able to select metrics, dimensions, and a time period to retrieve from the account, and in the "advanced mode" users with some familiarity with the Google Analytics API can craft more detailed queries. 

"We've noticed a remarkable increase in the number of marketing agencies using Klipfolio Dashboard. This is because we are focused on operational and real-time data - this synergizes extremely well with marketing departments measuring campaign performance, web analytics, and SEO."

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