Textillate Brings Back Text Animation

You know what the Web needs? That’s right… more animated text!

If you’re looking to add some motion to the copy on your website, be it as simple as page headings or vital as custom call out sections on landing pages, consider the use of Textillate.js – a jQuery plugin for creating very appealing CSS3 text animations.

Textillate is built on top of animate.css and lettering.js libraries (two of our favorites), and offers a relatively easy to use and interactive way to animate text. The plugin provides controls for in-animation and out-animation – how the text appears initially and how it leaves the view of the user.

 If jQuery plugins like Textillate spark your design fancy, you might also be interested in some others. Check out one of Website Magazine's most popular posts from 2012, Web Font Fun with Javascript Plugins.   

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