Ecommerce Analytics for InfusionSoft Users

Users of small business sales and marketing automation platform Infusionsoft now have access to a plugin that posts sales and transation data directly to Google Analytics and Google Adwords in real time. 

The plugin, created by Flare Labs, enables retails to supply Google with data critical to analyzing performance and the optimizing return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Once installed, users will notice their sales data is pre-populated within the Ecommerce section of their Google Analytics account. Users can then see what traffic sources generate the most profitable sales. and which traffic funnels have low profitability, letting the user know which parts of their sales and marketing process needs optimization.

The same transaction data is posted to AdWords. Infusionsoft users can see which ads are generating the most sales, and more importantly, what ads are generating the biggest profits. Online businesses with over 30 transactions a month will also be able to use the Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer, which automatically adjusts ad settings to provide the highest possible return on investment of advertising dollars.


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