Facebook's Audience Reach Bug Wreaks Havoc

Your last few social media post on Facebook might have performed better than was actually reported. 

Facebook indicated, in a blog past last Friday, that coding errors misrepresented actual audience reach metrics on posts since sometime last year. Facebook says these issues only impacted reporting and not delivery but not everyone is a believer and it's sparked a bit of a virtual firestorm.  

But what can you expect moving forward? Most Page owners can expect the total reach of their posts to stay the same or increase, according to Facebook, which also said it expects an increase in paid reach if advertisers ran News Feed ads. There may also be an increase or decrease in organic reach, "depending on many factors such as the composition of your fan base, when and how often you opst and your spending patterns," according to the social network. 

I appreciate that Facebook brought this to light on their own volition, but it seems rathers suspect to not (in any way mind you) indicate that refunds could be in order. Yes, Facebook says that the coding errors didn't impact delivery, but it most certainly (and very clearly) impacted reporting. And when you are making decisions based on bad data, you're not going to make the right decision when it comes to your audience, your campaign, or your budget. 

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The coding errors are very disturbing one, even if it is Facebook I can really imagine the situation of the developers who are working under each page of the Facebook. You must make the right decision when it came to the audience.
Beverly Diamonds
07.06.2015 11:18 PM

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