IE Rules Web-Based Email; Are You Testing?

Research released late last month from Litmus indicates that most business and consumer users are actually accessing Web-based email through an IE browser. 

According to Litmus, a provider of email testing and analytics tools, Internet Explorer continues to dominate for users checking Web-based email programs like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. In September 2012, IE garnered 51% of email browser use, following by Firefox (21%), Chrome (14%), and Safari (13%). Internet Explorer's reign may come to an end sooner rather than later, however. Litmus reports that Chrome adoption for email has nearly quadrupled since March 2011. In comparison, IE fell from 15 percent and Firefox fell 20 percent.

Testing the many variations of how your brand's information or product emails render under different browser and resolution scenarios (a service provided by Litmus consequently) is important in the pursuit of higher email engagement (clicks, shares, conversions) rates. 

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