Powering Interaction with Email Marketing Optimization

Email service provider YesMail, an InfoGroup company, announced several new features designed to aid marketers in their efforts to improve relevancy and generate better results.

The most notable improvement is YesMail’s Personalization Ready Models, which provide email senders with behavioral indicators for each subscriber that can be used to personalize campaigns. Typically, advanced segmentation of this nature/level requires quite a bit of data analysis, but pre-packaged personalization modules (including predictive models and bundled industry-specific packages) could make for a quick and cost efficient process for marketers.

YesMail has also released two other solutions which will be appealing to high-volume senders. It’s new Send-Time Optimization solutions schedules email deployments so email message are sent when individual subscribers are most likely to engage with them, factoring in purchases, conversions, clicks, and opens over a specific sample period. The email marketing service is now also providing access to deliverability and inbox placement metrics directly within its application.

"Today's marketers have to carry out more complex email marketing campaigns with less time and fewer resources. While many marketers are automating their campaigns, most are unable to devote the time or resources to fine tune their programs so that they reach their full potential in terms of ROI," said Julie Anne Reda, VP of Product Strategy. "Our focus is to help marketers move beyond simple automation. By providing solutions that not only automate campaigns, but also make it easier to fine tune those initiatives, we ensure our clients are fully optimized and obtain the best ROI."

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