Mobile App Data Comes to Quantcast

Content is consumed everywhere nowadays – thanks to the growing popularity of mobile devices. Because of this, it can be difficult for publishers, developers and advertisers to keep track of their audience across channels; however, a new service from Quantcast aims to solve this problem.

The advertising and measurement company’s free new service, dubbed Quantcast Measure for Apps, provides users with mobile application traffic data, including unique visitors as well as information on installs, versions and devices the app is being used on. Moreover, the service offers return usage metrics, which can help brands track audience loyalty and implement strategies to better connect with these users.

It is also important to note that users can choose to showcase all of their app data on the Quantcast website, or keep it private. Additionally, all of the app data can be viewed in the same dashboard as the company’s desktop and mobile Web stats, which provides users with a unified view of digital audiences.

"Apps have become an everyday habit for billions of consumers, and publishers and advertisers need better tools to uncover this hidden audience in order to gain a unified view," said Konrad Feldman , CEO and co-founder of Quantcast. "By directly measuring mobile app consumption, publishers and advertisers can drill down beyond app installations to learn key insights including audience loyalty and usage. Measure for Apps offers free, direct audience measurement and insights across all platforms – online, mobile Web and mobile apps."

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