Google Rolls out Real-Time Widgets in Analytics Dashboard

Google announced it has expanded the functionality of its Dashboards feature and is now providing access to four new real-time widgets in Google Analytics.

GA users can select from one of four widgets – a counter, a timeline, a geomap and a table.

The counter widget enables users to show specific metrics (like active visitors), group the visitors by dimension, and set a filter (a feature available to all the widgets).

The timeline widget is a little different in that users can select to track a specific metric but then must choose a time period (30 minutes or the last 60 seconds).

The geomap real-time widget is where it gets really interesting. Users select the metric, and then choose whether to show the data on the country or the city level – they can also select a specific region.

The real-time table widget is also interesting in that after selecting the metric to track, the user can add multiple dimensions to display.


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