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Companies in the finance sector are faced with heavy regulation, critical security concerns and unparallel scrutiny. Even so, there are some companies that get it all right – from infrastructure and reliability to third-party and cross-channel integrations.

Some websites are more than a product or service destination - they are a way of life. They are also case studies in engagement and user experience. You'll find 15 of those lifestyle digital brands in this section of Web 100.

Today's digital landscape offers information seekers more media outlets than ever. Both traditional and non-traditional networks vie for their attention socially, digitally and across many other channels. Here are 15 news and media brands that captivated Web users in 2012.

The line between online and offline shopping is blurring, as 80 percent of consumers rank the Internet as most useful for shopping and use it to research goods online before making a purchase (Google 2012). Web 100 merchants are feverishly innovating for this change.

Service providers connect society with information, entertainment and other services everyday consumers would not have access to on their own. They represent a segment of Web 100 that epitomizes innovation and specialization.

The tech sector in the digital realm epitomizes innovation, quality offers and, lest we forget, profits. They are some of the most profitable companies in existence and are held, at least should be, to immeasurable standards.