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10 Tag Management Superstars

Posted on 7.31.2013

The benefits of tag management systems go far beyond simply reducing the workload of IT professionals. In fact, these systems can also impact the performance of a website and even allow users to test vendor platforms against one another.

That said, not all tag management systems work the same. As with any other technology, each system comes with its own unique bells and whistles that site owners must be aware of before committing to a service. Learn more about 10 of these services below:

Google Tag Manager

Superstar Feature: Free Service

Summary: This tag management system is not only free, but also easy to use. The platform features a Debug Console and Preview Mode, which makes it simple to verify new tags are working properly before publishing any changes. Google Tag Manager is also mobile ready, as it works for both mobile websites and native mobile applications. Plus, the platform supports Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags, and even allows users to create custom rules and macros so that they can make sure that the right information is being collected from visitors at the right time.

Qubit Opentag

Superstar Feature: Both Enterprise and Self-Service Options

Summary: Qubit Opentag offers both an enterprise and self-service option. The platform groups tags and scripts into a single JavaScript code, dubbed a container, which makes it simple to group technologies and prioritize when they are triggered. In addition, Qubit Opentag comes with advanced filtering and supports all major tags. In fact, users can choose to either select technologies from the platform’s tag library or can use custom set up to deploy non-standard tags.


Superstar Feature: Tag Companion

Summary: Not only is Tealium a vendor neutral platform (meaning it supports all tags), but it also offers pre-configured integration with hundreds of vendors to make it easier to deploy and manage popular technologies. Plus, Tealium’s Tag Companion is a browser plug-in that allows users to more easily manage and audit their tags, as it enables them to pinpoint what elements of a page need to be tagged while actually viewing the page itself. It is also important to note that Tealium allows users to manage tags across mobile websites, apps and online videos in addition to traditional websites.


Superstar Feature: A/B Testing for Tags

Summary: BrightTag supports all types of tags, including analytics, search marketing, affiliates, retargeting, ad networks, ad servers, customer experience management, site optimization, product recommendations and more. The platform’s tag scheduling feature allows users to deploy and remove tags automatically based on marketing campaigns, site updates or other schedules. Users can also implement rules to control when tags fire, and have the ability to simultaneously test solutions from multiple vendors with the platform’s A/B Testing for Tags feature. It is also important to note that BrightTag can be used for both mobile websites and apps, too.


Superstar Feature: Revenue-Driven Attribution

Summary: There are currently more than 200 different vendor tags running through the TagMan platform, including affiliate, display, email, paid search, retargeting, shopping comparison, site optimization and Web analytics tags. That said, the platform works with any type of tag, so users are not limited to certain technologies. In addition, TagMan features revenue-driven attribution, which allows users to identify revenue-generating channels by viewing the customers’ entire marketing experience. Moreover, TagMan users can deploy any tag on any device, including on mobile applications.

Adobe TagManager

Superstar Feature: Multicountry Support and On-Continent Hosting

Summary: This enterprise tag management system helps users deploy data faster, including tags from the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite as well as third-party tags. Users can activate an unlimited number of tags, have the ability to schedule start and end dates for tag firing and can even test tags. It is also important to note that Adobe TagManager comes with multicountry support and on-continent hosting.


Superstar Feature: Tag Delivery Network

Summary: Ensighten’s tag management solution is powered by its Tag Delivery Network (TDN), which is a multi-cloud infrastructure that is designed for scalable tag delivery and real-time tag targeting. Since Ensighten only delivers the specific code required to an individual’s browser as they navigate a site, tag files are kept small to keep websites fast. Users can also create unlimited business rules with Ensighten, which allows marketers to target tags so that visitors are given not only a quick, but also a personalized experience.

Storm TagManager

Superstar Feature: Data Layer

Summary: Storm TagManager is a free enterprise tag management system that features a data layer, which allows for variables and rules to be defined and made available in one central place for consistency and easier tag development. Users can also control when tags are fired as well as the data that is passed to the tags. Storm TagManager users can deploy any type of tag with the service, as well as have the ability to test tags before they’re published.


Superstar Feature: Customizable Tag Classification

Summary: This tag management system is ideal for mid-market and enterprise clients. The platform works with all tags and features a customizable tag classification scheme that helps users keep their tags organized. Moreover, UberTags offers user management capabilities with roles-based permissions so that users can empower others to add tags. Plus, the platform includes a full audit log of all tag change activity across all users.

Tag Commander

Superstar Feature: User-friendly Interface

Summary: Tag Commander offers solutions for traditional websites, mobile sites, mobile apps and videos. The traditional website solution comes with a library of more than 90 pre-loaded tags, as well as fast-deployment functionality, requiring only four clicks to setup a new tag. Moreover, Tag Commander Site offers tag expiration management capabilities and an intelligence engine that allows users to manage the conditional activation of tags.

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