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15 Comparison & Social Shopping Engines & Web Rankings

Posted on 10.02.2007

Microsoft announced the purchase of comparative shopping Web site yesterday. No information was provided in the official blog post about how Microsoft would eventually use Jellyfish, but it could augment its existing ecommerce and search offerings nicely, important as a more universal approach to content goes mainstream for the search engine media giants like Google and Yahoo. Jellyfish however is not the only comparison (or comparative) shopping service on the Web. There are in fact many (fifteen below including Jellyfish) that, if you are an online retailer, you should look into as a sales and marketing vehicle. Comparison and social shopping services are excellent ways to generate excellent feedback, build brand by establishing community and of course move product.

Below is a list of fifteen comparison shopping engines that at one point or another have crossed my radar. I've also included Web rankings from, and which should provide at least some modest guidance on how much traffic these sites are receiving on the whole.  If you know of another comparison/social shopping engine that I missed please do comment below.

Quantcast Rank: 71,705 Rank: 54,913
Alexa Rank: 35,780

Jellyfish: Comparative shopping search engine which shares revenue with shoppers. Think of it as "eBay in reverse." Instead of showing advertising to Jellyfish end users, the company allows stores to use their advertising dollars to lower the cost.

Quantcast Rank: 221,996 Rank: 1,066,099
Alexa Rank: 97,758

Crowdstorm: (Beta) Crowdstorm is a social shopping engine which will bring in content aggregated from a vast range of professional sites and blogs, allow end-users to "ask the crowd" for personalized answers, receive price comparisons from multiple sites (amazon, ebay, Crowdstorm relies on an algorithm to measure user knowledge and trust between people.

Quantcast Rank: 5682 Rank: 3,798
Alexa Rank: 2,223 A very popular site for the buying and selling of handmade items. What makes Etsy social are the features: handpicked lists by members (dubbed Treasury), geo-locators (find and browse by location), a "time machine" which shows recently added items, suggestions (generated list of product recommendations from a random sampling of users favorites) and of course, let's not forget "Alchemy" - a feature which allows users to request made-to-order items from Etsy sellers.

Quantcast Rank: 16641 Rank: 9,249
Alexa Rank: 12,593 A little known but (by the looks of it) highly active social shopping engine. Zebo dubs itself as the world's largest repository of things people own. Create personalized profiles about what you own, want, and love to shop for and see what other people are doing on the site. Very social features such as ZEBuzz (realtime conversation board - very active), ZeboStrip and Graffiti (post and share photos), and Zebo groups to stay in touch with your shopping buddies make the service one to consider adding to your marketing mix.

Quantcast Rank: 4,233 Rank: 35,768
Alexa Rank: 11,380 Calling itself a "shopcasting" network, ThisNext allows users to discover, recommend and share their favorite products. All items featured on ThisNext are picked by the community. Users can organize their picks into lists called shopcasts. The social nature of ThisNext is strengthened with interactive badges (lists and tags) for your blog, website or social profiles on networks like MySpace.

Quantcast Rank: 896 Rank: 29,645
Alexa Rank: 7,085 One of the more popular social shopping engines and social networks in general, Hearst recently acquired social shopping engine Kaboodle back in August of 2007. Kaboodle is an active and engaging community where members create and join groups, share advice, feedback and product suggestions and personalize their profiles with polls and other widgets. Hearst is expected to build pages on Kaboodle featuring products from many of its 19 U.S. magazine titles, such as Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping.

Quantcast Rank: 53018 Rank: 57,319
Alexa Rank: 28,166 Short for Wishlists, Wists are shareable image bookmarks for any page on the Web. Users install the Wists browser button and automatically create picture bookmarks for any page without having to actually uploading anything. This could make publishing or sharing lists of recommendations and wishlists easier for time-strapped social shoppers.

Quantcast Rank: 44775 Rank: 71,929
Alexa Rank: 66,003 The only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wikis. This enables more products to be listed than a traditional social shopping engine could ever provide (more than 222 million products).

Quantcast Rank: 3849 Rank: 2,548
Alexa Rank: 1,629 One of the more lively social shopping sites available, Woot has made a name for itself by selling just one item per day - starting at midnight. Unconventional to say the least, Woot started as an employee-store slash market-testing type of place for an electronics distributor that has taken on a life of its own. The community is dedicated, active and purchase oriented.

Quantcast Rank: n/a Rank: n/a
Alexa Rank: n/a A very interesting twist on social shopping. Buzzillions collects reviews from buyers that are verified by the retailers that sold it. The service helps end-users find products by narrowing down via the "Consumers Speak" navigation bar using words from customer reviews, provides SnapShots to help shoppers get the consensus of customer opinions, and then enables consumers to drill down to more detailed customer reviews.

Quantcast Rank: 24794 Rank: 38,152
Alexa Rank: 14,887 Just like its tagline says, it's what's hot, right now. Stylehive focuses on the world of retail, design and fashion and are becoming a significant influencer in the shopping world. The community is active thanks to a good feature set; create tagged collections to share, interact with other hive members, build and share wishlists.

Quantcast Rank: 293,790 Rank: 867,181
Alexa Rank: 132,019 One of Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites for 2007, is now part of Another fashion-focused social shopping engine, users can browser, refine searches and see popular trends. will now power the shopping search engine allowing it to cover more online boutiques, brand stores and specialty fashion retailers.

Quantcast Rank: 38650 Rank: 78,348
Alexa Rank: 46,165 Another interesting social shopping engine which lest users find, share, and keep track of their own personal shopping items online, using visual bookmarks. Users can drill down to find products with well-labeled keyword tags, add products they find, create watch lists, establish groups and more - like add Stylefeed to your own web page.

Quantcast Rank: 14875 Rank: 76,823
Alexa Rank: 50,144 A great way for fashionistas to get involved with social shopping, ShopStyle users have the ability to act as editors by assembling outfits into a stylebook, share them with friends to shop from directly. Users can even add pictures and commentary to their own stylebook and even push the content to their own external blogs.

Quantcast Rank: n/a Rank: n/a
Alexa Rank: 279,775 (Oh, So You) is another shopping and sharing website for women with a passion for fashion and beauty. Users create their own Stylefile, a resource that enables shoppers to add what they like to their wardrobe wishlist in a drag and drop fashion from the site or elsewhere on the Web into their own personal page.

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