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6 Analytics Platforms to Ponder

Posted on 4.30.2013

Companies are interested in being able to respond more quickly and being able to respond in real time to customer behavior on the Web. In order to do this, a digital enterprise needs a powerful analytics platform that can keep up with the speed at which marketers want (in some cases, crave) this data.

Here are six analytics platforms that pride themselves on being able to do just that. 


The ParAccel Analytic Platform was built with speed agility in mind. At the core of its platform is a high-performance analytic database, designed specifically for the fastest query performance at any scale. In other words, ParAccel can answer complex questions quickly. Additionally, its analytic database is surrounded with an extensibility framework that imbeds 502 analytic functions and supports the on-demand integration of a variety of structured and unstructured data and analytic results. 


Built from the ground up, the Vertica Analytics Platform enables companies to extract value from their data at the speed and scale they need to thrive in today’s economy. Vertica also prides itself on being designed, since its inception, for today’s most demanding analytic workloads. Key features of the Vertica Analytics Platform include real-time query and loading, advanced in-database analytics, database designer and admin tools, automatic high availability and more. 


Woopra helps companies discover which customers are high value, ones that are ready to upgrade and ones that are at risk of leaving. This is because Woopra builds a comprehensive, real-time profile and timeline for every user, tracking them from anonymous visitor to converted unique customer across multiple devices, and it can do all of this in real time. Its Live Dashboard delivers real-time stats, which can be breaking down to an individual-level view. Additionally, Woopra works with a company’s existing CRM to reduce training time and give sales teams lead intelligence and customer service teams a deeper understanding of customer behavior and needs. 


This real-time analytics solution is a hosted service that frees up companies from working about server maintenance and installing updates. All of Clickly’s features are available as a white label service, including its mobile versions and HTTPS. The way it works, is a company can use Clickly applications (such as the Clicky Widget for Android, ClickyTouch for iPhone and iPad, ClickyChrome for Google Chrome, etc.) or plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. The plugin for Drupal, for instance, includes a stats dashboard, user segmentation, user role tracking (even in real time) and more. 


Companies like online/digital service providers, travel, telecom and e-commerce websites are a good fit for ParStream, which delivers sub-second response times on billions of records while continuously importing new data at very high speeds. Further, its technology was specifically engineered to handle structured and semi-structured data, denormalized, very large fact tables and more. This data platform also features fast setup, fast import, easy querying, advanced analytics, is a software only product, etc. 


This location-based marketing and analytics platform is made for businesses and brands who want to run real-time location-based promotions. Geotoko is a HootSuite Media company and provides users with powerful real-time location analytics and the ability to analyze user check-in behavior and gather competitive intelligence using Geotoko's Heat Map technology. It also gives users the ability to easily upload and manage thousands of locations on one platform. Geotoko will then automatically match a business’s locations to venues on Foursquare and Facebook Places.


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