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6 (Not So Business-Y) Reasons to Disconnect for 24 Hours

Posted on 11.28.2013

In Website Magazine’s Winter 2013 issue, our editors challenged our readers to disconnect for 24 hours, and some of us (not naming names) couldn’t last an hour. 

For people who are always on their smartphones, social media networks, computers and tablets, we – Website Magazine editors – were hard pressed to find six reasons to disconnect. You’d think we’d be overflowing with ideas of why we should unplug. After all, we write about all-things Web, yet we remain on the Web – nearly 24/7. 

If you have stronger will than us, here are six reasons to disconnect (told casually as in a not-so-business-y tone):

1. Spark Creativity

The world is literally all around us and there is more creativity per square inch – both natural and manmade – then any website owner could possibly replicate. So go look at it. 

2. Solve Problems

Stepping away from the digital world can really put a new spin on an old problem. For example, having a face-to-face conversation with a spouse or an old friend can make you think of a challenge as an opportunity or even shift your priorities enough that a worry is no longer a worry. Similarly, disconnecting for 24 hours, may mean you have more time to sleep and everything looks better – projects, relationships, the world – after a good nap or a full night’s sleep. 

3. Strengthen Relationships

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been reprimanded a time or two for being on our phones in social settings. Set down, or step away, from all devices and pay attention to what the person in front of you is saying or go find someone to talk to (not virtually, of course) and have an actually meaningful interaction. 

4. Make People Miss You

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? So avoiding social media, emails or texts for a day may make people miss you, but hopefully this doesn’t backfire. 

5. Give Your Eyes a Break

If you’ve had your eyes checked by a doctor recently, then he or she probably told you that you blink far less than you’re supposed to when you are staring at a screen (of the digital variety – although staring at a screen door would be weird). You can’t eat enough carrots to do the same amount of good that disconnecting for 24 hours would do.  

6. Avoid Germs

Your smartphone or keyboard may literally be killing you. OK not killing you, but possibly making you sick. They each harbour thousands (if not millions) of germs that makes them Facebook friends with your toilet.   

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