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Practical Uses of Website Video

Posted on 8.06.2007
Every day a new video sharing website, video application or video player hits the market. Of course, the makers of these services and solutions all believe that this one product offering will change the way you view, interact or create video - and it may very well do just that and influence (and validate) the astronomical revenue projections for the industry. unforuntely, despite these lofty projections, no one really talks about what video is actually good for - how you should actually use it for your enterprise.

Here are a few practical uses of video that will hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

Training/Educational Videos: Companies (mostly creative agencies and design firms) have a lot of fun with video. Video however can be much more that just a way to entertain your friends and colleagues (e.g. droping mentos into a diet coke bottle). Companies may want to consider creating training videos for new recruits looking for direction or even those that have been promoted (or demoted) as they move up, down or laterally in an organization. Interviews, step by step instructions on completing a specific task - the possiblities are endless. The result will be a more informed, better functioning team and of course fewer resources will be spent on handholding, er, training.

Sales Videos: When's the last time you went to a website for a vacation spot and thought, "wouldn't it be nice to see what this place actually looks like before I book a flight? Website owners and webmasters could conceivably create a quick five minute video for little or no money which showed any number of things - what the rooms look like, testimonials from those that have stayed there, even slow, panoramic shots of the surranding area. Now that's a place I'd like to visit. Anytime you have a tangible product is a good time for a video - no matter how much you want to say about it - thirty seconds would do just fine.

What the most creative use of video you've seen?
Just comment below now - we want to hear what you think!

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