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Securing Lifetime Customers

Posted on 10.25.2006

: Three Alternative Selling Methods :

Unless you're the greatest promoter the world has ever known, you can count on more people turning down your offer than accepting it. For consumers it's the unwillingness to part with the costs associated, either in time or money. It seems like common knowledge, but the failure of many marketers is fixating on the reasons why offers are not accepted. Changing that attitude is essential, as is  understanding the underlying problem - prospects want to feel that salespeople are making as much of a sacrifice as the consumer. There are several ways to minimize the loss of prospects related to pricing while maximizing their lifetime value to your enterprise.  With a little out-of-the-box thinking you'll be on your way to securing lifetime customers.

Accept barters and trades
At one time or another, everyone has tried negotiating the price of a product or service, so you realize how difficult and frustrating it can be. Perhaps your prospect can't afford to buy what you are offering. Still, there is value in every serious prospect and, as such, they may have something you could use in your business or personal life. In many respects, successful selling relies on the exchange of information. If you find that the other person has access to something you want, propose a barter deal or a straight trade. Equal trades are hard to come by so always be willing to give more than you receive. In the end, you may not make money but that individual might buy other products you offer in the future and what you receive from a barter might just work out well for you! In both instances, you have proven your willingness to provide value to your customer, earned their trust and respect and secured future dealings.

Start Negotiating and Be Flexible
Another way to allay consumer fears is to include a negotiation offer at the end of your ad copy. Communicate to your reader that if there is something they don't like about your offer or it doesn't exactly fit their needs, they can contact you and negotiate a different buying offer. They may not like your price, guarantee, shipping methods or payment options, but you can gain a potential lifetime customer by being flexible with your offer and negotiating instead of losing them outright. Negotiations are only limited by creativity so focus on what may be preventing prospects from accepting your offer and you'll make more sales in the long term.

Freebies Work: Seriously
A simple way to attract lifetime customers is to give them a taste of what they will be getting through samples, freebies and complimentary demonstrations. The freebie should be related to the other products or services you sell. You may not be getting paid for it, but you will get more people using one of your products because it is free. And who knows, you may just receive some helpful feedback on what you're selling. If impressed by your free product, there is an excellent chance they will buy some of your other products in the future.

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