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Get Into The E-Learning Space With Udemy

Posted on 3.10.2016

:: By Alex Genadinik, ::

Would you like to have gotten into the mobile app industry when it was just taking off in 2009? Well, it is a little late to get in early in that industry, but what if I told you that another industry is about to experience a similar meteoric rise, and that you can still get in on it? That industry in online learning, and a company named Udemy is emerging as the leader in this industry.

In this article I'll tell you a little bit more about what Udemy is, isn't, and how you can make money from it.


Udemy is the leading site where regular "non-professor" people who happen to be experts in something can create, promote and sell online courses teaching whatever their expertise happens to be. Think of it as Amazon for online courses. It is a marketplace where you can teach or learn just about anything.

If you look at my bio in this article you will see that I myself teach over 70 courses on Udemy, but what you can't see is that I have actually taken over 100 courses as a student. I have learned many things on topics like sleeping better to emotional intelligence to how the brain works to other topics that I've always wondered about but have never taken the time to learn about until now.


While you might want to be a student and learn on Udemy, I am probably correct in guessing that you are more curious about how you can make money teaching something you know about on Udemy. Am I correct?

Let me explain to you how easy it can be to make money on Udemy, and also point out some of the challenges.

First, let me explain to you how to get started:

1) Pick a topic or topics that you think you can teach

2) Start with the most basic recording equipment so that you don't get overwhelmed by the needed audio/video recording technology

You can begin filming with a basic camcorder, a digital camera that records video or software on your computer.

I use ScreenFlow for Macs which cost me just $99, and replaced any need for a camcorder.

3) Plan the individual lectures of your course and record them

4) Understand that the minimum requirement for Udemy is 30 minutes of HD video although most courses are at least one to a few hours long

These tasks are easy enough to do. If you put your mind to it, there should no reason why you wouldn't have a live course within a week. Yes, I know, I can be a little bit too ambitious but this is certainly possible.

Now let me tell you about the challenge you might face. There are about 20,000 courses that yours will have to compete with on Udemy.

Out of those 20,000 courses there are many fantastic ones, and to truly make a significant amount of money, your courses will eventually need to compete with existing courses in quality of video, audio, content and your delivery of that content.

So while the road to Udemy revenue may be a quick one, the road to making a significant amount of money there is a long one.

To give you an example of my own experience, my first nine months on Udemy were a real struggle. I made mere hundreds of dollars each month.

That is almost an entire year of banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out their platform. As I kept working hard at making better courses, I began to make thousands of dollars a month and eventually had a month where I made five-figure revenue.

Your journey might be different, but from talking to other instructors on Udemy, my journey seems to be the common type of journey that many other instructors go through. So if you work hard for a long time, you can certainly do very well for yourself.


You can also just use Udemy for lead generation. If you leave your course priced as free, you can use the last lecture of your course to get people over to your website. Udemy doesn't quite like it when their users are taken to a different site, and it is against terms of service to do that in most places in the course but they do allow doing that in the last lecture of the course that is usually called something like "bonus lecture" and is designated for your own promotion.


It took me quite a long time to figure out how to make a course to be "good." After all, different types of students like to learn differently, and it is difficult to please everyone with a white label product.

Here is my first rule of thumb for making a good course: make sure that the actual course delivers what the title of the course promises. It might seem like very simplistic advice, but you will be surprised how many courses, books and other content simply don't deliver on their promise.

The reason for that is simple: while trying to create an amazing headline, we sometimes get away from the actual course material, or vice versa.

My next tips for making a good course are these:

1) Make sure the course has a good logical structure and the lectures make sense in the order in which they are presented

2) Be sure that the end result has good quality audio and video

3) Make sure that your presentation style is brisk, clear, non-repetitive, confident and engaging

As parting words I'd like you to begin thinking about what your expertise might be that you want to teach online. What do you know that others would love to know?


Check out this tutorial in which I collaborated with John Colley to bring you 25 top tips for Udemy course creation and promotion. At this point, this tutorial has become one of the top Udemy tutorials so have a look and hopefully it can help you get started on the right foot.


Alex Genadinik is a software engineer and a successful entrepreneur. He is the creator of some of the top mobile apps for business, author of 15+ books on Amazon, and a prolific online instructor with over 70 online courses.

Here is a list of of my Udemy coupons for Alex's online business and marketing courses, and another list of his Udemy course discounts, which is also kept up to date and will soon include courses from other instructors. If you have any questions about your own course creation, feel welcome to email Alex at

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