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How to Power Up Your Marketing & Sales Efforts with an Agile CRM

Posted on 8.09.2016

:: By Michael Rooney, bpm'online ::

Digitalization is erasing all major industry boundaries while providing new development opportunities for advanced and agile technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), chat bots or personal assistants empowered by artificial intelligence (AI).

As accelerated transformation builds momentum, businesses need solutions to keep pace with all the rapid changes to connect the dots between all communication touchpoints and engage their audiences in genuinely smart ways. Therefore, there’s an underestimated advantage of integrating your website with an agile and intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) solution equipped with tools to help you achieve the positive outcomes of all customer-facing efforts in a much smoother and rapid pace. Specifically, there are a few benefits by merging your website with a more agile and intelligent CRM:

Effortlessly run advanced marketing campaigns

In this rapidly changing environment, what was considered the right approach yesterday might not work today. That's why businesses have to think several steps ahead in order to find the most effective ways to keep their products and services on the forefront of their audiences' minds by creating a strong online presence and providing positive customer experience. Apart from utilizing the basic features that traditional CRMs cover, such as automatic data synchronization, a CRM with agile and intelligent tools empowered by a business process management (BPM) engine can enable organizations to swiftly react to market changes and effortlessly adjust their marketing processes on the fly. Agile CRM systems don’t require specific skills to build or optimize the most sophisticated campaigns which means your website administrator or marketing team member can easily manage multiple simultaneous omnichannel campaigns with specific rules, scenarios and conditions. Moreover, with simple user configuration tools and smooth user interface (UI) that agile CRM systems offer, users are able to deeply configure system’s integration with their website to meet their most specific needs.

Manage your prospects in more intelligent way

With all the challenges that come along with more complex buying cycles and compound website visitors behavior, businesses need tools to help them precisely track and manage all the prospective customers. Therefore, for more effective customer segmentation and management, intelligent CRM tools enable organizations to automatically assign new leads received from marketing campaigns to the most relevant segments as well as map them to existing customers and accounts based on specific criteria. Such next-gen CRM systems can track a prospect's website session parameters, behavior on specific pages, similar contact details and profile data, in order to add them to the most relevant groups in the customer database. With such an intelligent segmentation, businesses can determine the best ways on how to adjust their strategies, track customer’s preferences, establish what drives them to visit your website, and figure out the most effective marketing channels. 

Leverage Business Intelligence to win more customers

Intelligent CRM systems with automated lead scoring with such business intelligence algorithms as factor analysis and statistical models can identify key factors that influence lead quality and assign the most appropriate score to each factor. The algorithms analyze historical and behavioral data to build multiple models and score new leads to determine their readiness to purchase a product or service. After the system identifies that the lead is ready to buy, it can be automatically handed off to sales, so your sales reps have an option to close the deal taking into account all previously collected information on this specific contact. This way, companies can prioritize their sales and marketing efforts and focus on approaches that generate leads with the highest score or quality to win more target customers.

Intelligent nurturing campaigns 

Another core benefit of having an integrated agile CRM system is the ability to run intelligent nurturing campaigns. According to research by Marketing Sherpa, 79 percent of leads never convert to sales opportunities if they are not properly nurtured. Another study by Forrester reveals that lead nurturing generates 50 percent more sales ready leads at 33 percent lower cost. With intelligent CRM, businesses can deeply analyze lead data such as their browsing activities, purchasing behavior, profile information, service requests and other, and then automatically assign the prospect to the most relevant lead nurturing campaign. This allows for reaching out to leads with highly personalized messages and offers, rather than nurturing them with the same offerings. 

Streamline processes across entire customer journey 

Overall, an intelligent CRM solution tied to your website is a goldmine for the whole organization since it enables effective management of the entire customer journey from the first stages of the customer acquisition to repeat sales and loyalty. Such solutions are capable of bridging the gap between marketing, sales and service, providing extensive collaboration opportunities and an ability to share critical customer data and analytics between departments. This provides more power not only to your website but to all customer-facing departments at your company enabling them to win more clients, engage them with more personalized approaches and provide an omnichannel customer service. 

Keeping up with the ever-changing digital conditions and rapidly developing technologies is strenuous for any business. That’s why organizations should get prepared for the new business paradigm and implementation of top-notch CRM technologies can be one of the core aspects to help brands take on these challenges. 

Michael Rooney is the SVP and general manager at bpm'online, a premium vendor of process-driven cloud CRM software for sales, marketing and service automation.

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