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Master List of Digital Analytics Solutions

Posted on 9.29.2014

Analytics are quickly becoming a rising star for businesses today.

With the shear amount of information businesses receive on a daily basis continuing to increase it is nearly impossible for humans to process it all in a productive manner. Luckily for businesses, there are analytics for virtually every area of business today.

Below is a master list of analytic solutions from four different areas of businesses (Email, Social Media, Predictive and Operational analytics) to help companies achieve a more detailed understanding of themselves.


Email has long been a standard part of businesses marketing strategies. With the amount of email addresses on a company’s email list continuously expanding, it is near impossible for marketers to keep track of how their campaigns are performing by hand.

Email analytics allows marketers to see how well (or poorly) their campaigns are performing with statistics like open and engagement rates.


A complete email solution, Litmus not only delivers analytics to businesses regarding their emails, like engagement and opens rates, but they also give businesses a preview of what their emails will look like on more than 30 devices.


A combined email and customer relationship management (CRM) analytics solution, this offering from Tableau enables businesses to determine their email marketing effectiveness and calculate return on investment (ROI) in real-time. 


With a rather simple design, AWeber gives businesses email analytics in a way that is easy to comprehend for even the most technically challenged employees.


By tracking which emails are garnering greater attention businesses can better tell what their consumers are interested in which can lead them to creating more engaging and interesting emails.

Social Analytics

Social media has rapidly become a vital part of a business's daily operations. With it being the number one activity on the Internet, social media provides businesses an unprecedented way to instantly communicate with their consumers like never before. 


Along with Facebook, Twitter has become a power player in the social media advertising circle. Topsy provides businesses a comprehensive look at both their own and their competitions' Twitter use.

Adobe Social

From software giant Adobe, this offering has a wide range of features that accompany its social analytics capabilities including the ability to create customized contests, post to hundreds of social networks as well as trend monitoring.

Simply Measured

Boasting an impressive amount of social analytics, Simply Measured is a free service that gives marketers a well-rounded look at how their posts are performing on popular social networks.


Buffer not only delivers social analytics but also helps marketing teams communicate with each other leading to a more unified social approach (basically everyone within an organization is on the same digital page).


Monitoring your business is all well and dandy but what about monitoring your competition? RivalIQ allows businesses to do both on an easy-to-navigate interface.

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Predictive Analytics

It is impossible to predict the future with 100 percent accuracy but even a small glimpse into the future can help companies capitalize on opportunities they could have otherwise missed.

Predictive analytics gives companies the most accurate look at where the data is pointing to in the future so companies can start to think about how they can respond and take advantage of their insight.


Through their KnowledgeCloud solutions, Angoss delivers fully managed and hosted cloud-based predictive analytics to companies.


StatStoft’s STATISTICA solution operates on an advanced set of algorithms which aims to keep companies one step ahead of the competition at all times.

SAS Analytics

Through their advanced big data analytics, SAS offers enterprises a way to process their data that allows them to see current results as well as future projections in order to help them make smarter, more informed decisions.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Formerly known as KXEN, SAP InfiniteInsight allows for users to automate the process of predictive modeling and deployment tasks in order to help speed up the process.

Rapid Miner

With the ability to pull data from sources including Excel, Oracle, MYSQL and Access, Rapid Miner delivers an expansive analytics solution to their users that gives them a well-rounded view of their company.

Operational Analytics

Wasting money is a major pain point for many businesses.

Without constant attention and analysis, businesses can be wasting money on things from superfluous personal to over ordering printer toner.

Through the use of operational analytics, businesses can make sure they are maintaining as profitable a business model as possible.


With the ability to monitor current projects, check costs and revenue per customer as well as analyze warehouse activities, NeuBrain offers companies an interesting mix of features.


With the ability to analyze nearly every part of a business, IBM offers a plethora of operational analytic solutions to monitor everything from Inventory Management to Human Resources.


While it is important that an analytics solution can appropriately manage on the system companies are currently running, it is also important that the solution can scale with a business as it grows. Tervela delivers everything that businesses need to analyze their system at its current size and gives it the flexibility to scale as needed.


Every day is not going to be perfect. Businesses are going to have ups-and-downs. Now, whether those highs and lows are slight hiccups in sales or major problems, change is inevitable. Splunk can stay ahead of these highs and lows by monitoring a company's IT systems and infrastructure in real time to identify issues, problems and attacks before they impact customers, services and revenue.


Thanks to NewComp’s ability to discover where businesses would be best served to allocate money and human resources, the analytics solution delivers information to help businesses become more profitable by looking inward.

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