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Net Briefs - October 2016

Posted on 9.27.2016

Net Briefs

Twitter Shares Video Revenue

Twitter is actively pursuing YouTube's most popular video publishers, announcing it will begin sharing video advertising revenues with creators. Twitter is being very generous about terms of the revenue share as well, offering a 70-30 split (with the majority going to the creator). Twitter already offers this revenue share for some of its premium publisher partners including the NFL but this is the first time it is more broadly opening up the program.

1/3 of Ads Blocked in U.S.

Ad blocking is disrupting the digital ecosystem in significant ways. According to Blockmetry's new weather report, which explores the degree of ad and analytics blocking by region and country, worldwide ad blocking now stands at 32.4 percent - up from 28.5 percent as recently as May 2016 - and 31.5 percent in the U.S.

SMS Woefully Underused

From interactions with peers to the receipt of personalized promotional offers, SMS is a familiar way to communicate, yet according to a new OpenMarket mobile messaging report, the large majority of retailers are not using the communication channel for business purposes. In fact, only 29 percent of retailers use SMS to engage with customers, yet 75 percent of millennials prefer SMS for real-time notifications of deliveries, payments, promotions and surveys.

Best Days for Opens, Conversions

After analyzing 7 billion sent emails, Yesmail released Q2 2016 benchmark data that indicates the best days of the week for certain key performance indicators (KPIs). Yesmail found that open rates for Thursday emails were 14 percent higher than the Q2 average. Similarly, their unique click rates were 41 percent higher, and their click-to-open (CTO) rates were 24 percent above average. Even so, Thursday conversion rates were among the lowest whereas emails deployed on Saturdays and Sundays resulted in higher conversions rates.

Where Did All the C Programmers Go?

The current TIOBE Index, a resource for ranking the popularity of programming languages, indicated in its most recent report that the C programming language (invented way back in 1972) has hit a 15-year low. The reason? It appears that mobile and Web-friendly languages like Google's Go and Apple's Swift are taking over.

IT Practitioners Make Bank

DevOps platform Puppet released its 2016 DevOps Salary Report and found that most IT practitioners in the U.S. earn $100,000 in annual salary, and that 43 percent of IT managers earn $150,000 or more (in a very clear sign of where things are headed, that's a 26 percent increase from the previous year). IT practitioners based in the U.S. are more likely to earn $100,000-plus if they work in the technology (65 percent), media/entertainment (65 percent), retail/consumer/e-commerce (65 percent) or finance (61 percent) industries.

The End of Mobile Ad Interstitials

Google indicated that on Jan. 10, 2017 it will release a new search algorithm penalty that will demote mobile pages that have "intrusive" interstitials, those often bothersome windows that tend to get in the user's way and negatively impact the experience (at least as Google sees it). The new algorithm penalty, which is replacing the app interstitials ad penalty launched back in Sept. 2015, will try to make these mobile pages "not rank as highly" as they once did.


Acquired: Advertising technology solution has been acquired by a group of Chinese investors for a reported $900 million. provides the technology powering contextual ads offered by Yahoo! (now owned by Verizon) as well as Microsoft's Bing search engine.

Acquired: Ebay has completed the acquisition of SalesPredict, a solution that leverages analytics to predict customer buying behavior and sales conversions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Funded: Mobile investment app Stash secured $9.25 million in Series A funding, which it plans to use to help accelerate audience growth and build out its technology platform.

Funded: "Smart" thermostat company ecobee announced a $35 million funding round from Amazon Alexa Fund, Thomvest and Relay Ventures.


Freelance vs. Permanent Devs: Who Works Best?


When a company is choosing between hiring freelancers and permanent developers, the top consideration is often budget but there are other critical factors as well.

Daily Social Posts for Everyone


It can be difficult to come up with ideas about what to post daily for maximum engagement. Let's look at some ideas on how to fill a social calendar each and every day.

5 Google Patents Foretelling SEO's Future


Google reveals some of its long-term strategies within the current patents it holds, which is useful for companies planning search engine optimization initiatives.



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Exponent: Write Android and iOS apps in JS 

LookLive: Shareable, shoppable photos

Plottable.js: Interactive, flexible charts for the Web 

LyteSpark: Host online meetings in a branded room 

Mixpanel Autotrack: Collect analytics retroactively 

Stocky: Free photo, video, graphics and music for commercial use 

Propeller: A CRM for selling from Gmail 

AmpleMarket: An AI-powered sales assistant 

Timely: Automatic time tracking for freelancers and teams 

Flowcast: Click-and-type sticky notes for website feedback 

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