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PageRanking Sculpting How-To

Posted on 7.05.2009

How do I now Sculpt Google Pagerank?
I still want to do Pagerank sculpting, but how do I do it now?
Use a

tag and Javascript
You can use a
tag and Javascript that reference an external Javascript file but the file must reside in a directory that is blocked from indexing with your robot.txt.

2D Barcode – click here to find out how to PR Sculpt without using the nofollow tag.

I need to reword this, copied from a couple of sites.

Here's an easy example of the Javascript functions needed to create a simple link that won't be detected by Google or other engines and it's still legal within their rules. Since the actual links exist only within the links.js file, the search engines never see them because we're going to block that directory with the Robots.txt file.

In this example we're using location.href so that the visitor's back button will still work and we're going to put this links.js file in the /Javascript/ subdirectory.

function link1() { location.href=''; }
function link2() { location.href=''; }

Here's an example of a test page that uses the
tag to code links. These Javascript based links won't cost your page any page rank, and they won't pass any either. We're using the
tag here so that the link will not be recognized as any form of link. The CSS Style values may need to be modified to match your page.

Test Page

Example Link 1

Example Link 2

You'll next want to add this to your robots.txt file to prevent Google and other engines from indexing your Javascript directory. The robots.txt file must go in your root directory. That's the same directory where your home page is located at.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Javascript/

There are many more methods that get increasingly complicated to hide links from Search Engines, and all of them should NOT be tried by anyone who isn't on the advanced level.
We also do NOT recommend using iframes to load robots.txt blocked URLs that contain links that you don't want to transfer PageRank. In that situation you're still likely to lose some PageRank through the Iframe link, even though its target URL is blocked from indexing. Blocked urls can still accumulate PageRank.


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