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Power Up With These JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

True mastery of JavaScript is highly prized in the digital worlds of design and development.

While it could take years to become truly proficient, there are literally hundreds of JavaScript libraries and frameworks - particuarly on the front-end (consumer facing) that anyone can use to power up their virtual presence, impress users and accelerate their success.

Let's take a look at few such offerings that are increasingly top of mind with today's 'Net professionals and what they can provide enterprises willing to impliment. 

Keep in mind that the following are just a few of the most popular JavaScript libraries for the frontend experience; there are hundreds of others so we'd like to know what your favorite solutions are - share them with other members of the Website Magazine community with a comment below! 

Three JS

A cross-browser library and API for creating (and displaying) animated 3D computer graphics within a Web browser. Three.js scripts can be used in tandem with the HTML5 canvas element, SVG or WebGL. While it can be somewhat "tempermental," excellent documentation on the variety of capabilities and features should make utilizing the JavaScript library a no brainer. 


JavaScript can help solve a lot of problems in the digital experience and one area where it proves incredibly useful is forms. Algolia is a form autocompletion library that specializes in addresses - using OpenStreetMap's open source database of places. Designers can add a map to the search and even display a location which is an excellent way to improve the digital experience for users. 


Carousel's have fallen out of favor over the past year, but they remain a useful addition to any website when designed and implemented well. Slick provides all the neccessary front-end functionality and capabilities -  responsive, looping, navigation - designers are looking for if considering a carousel on their digital property.  


Another form related library worth a look is Cleave.js which helps designers (form developers) format content as a user types - changing a string of numbers, for example, into a proper area code and phone number: i.e. 1234567890 into (123) 456-7890. Not only is it a welcome addition for users but is an excellent way to ensure that any data received through forms is consistent in nature.


Content can take many forms. If you're looking to add some visual content to your digital property, perhaps consider a solution like JavaScript library Chart.js. The library offers support for several different types of charts and even includes the ability to mix them in a single space - great for when you have multiple data sets. Chart.js also includes some basic animation capabilities which makes them very appealing for the front-end experience. 

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