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Quiz Time! Get Acquainted With Acronyms

Posted on 9.01.2015

It can be difficult for a newbie to become familiar with industry-specific jargon in any vertical, but it is especially challenging in the tech industry.

Aside from learning the definitions for some of the industry’s top buzzwords, like “big data” or “cloud,” newbs also have the challenge of getting acquainted with the myriad acronyms in use today, which can mean dramatically different things to different people. For instance, Web pros typically use the letters POV to reference “point of view,” while those in emergency response, government agencies and other verticals use POV for “privately owned vehicle.”

Fortunately, everyone from ’Net novices to Web pros can stay up to date on the latest tech jargon and acronyms by regularly visiting Website Magazine’s daily Weblog at where emerging terms and phrases are explained often in posts and articles. In the meantime, quiz yourself on some regularly seen acronyms with August's Quiz Time. Spoiler alert: Answers are given at the bottom of this page.

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1. What does “IoT” stand for?

a. Illegal online Transfers

b. Initial online Troll

c. Internet of Things

d. Image owning Technology

2. “DAM” refers to what kind of software?

a. Daily Article Manager

b. Digital Asset Management

c. Dynamic Ad Marketing

d. Developmental Application Menu

3. What does “SDK” mean?

a. Software Development Kit

b. Standard Digital Keyboard

c. Silly Daily Keywords

d. Selling Digital Kudos

4. What does “WYSIWYG” refer to?

a. Nothing, it is gibberish

b. Web Yoda Sings in Weekly Yoga Garden

c. Will Your Software Improve Website’s Yearly Growth

d. What You See Is What You Get

5. What is an “API”?

a. Aptitude Performance Inspection

b. Application Program Interface

c. Android Programming Incident

d. Advertising Paid Internally


1. C   2. B   3. A   4. D   5. B


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