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Quiz Time! The Science of Analytics

Posted on 10.26.2015

There is science behind virtually every business decision nowadays, and it’s all thanks to the power of analytics.

When leveraged properly, Web analytics solutions provide business professionals with the data needed to optimize websites, make better marketing decisions and increase conversions. Enterprises certainly seem to be aware of these benefits, as a study commissioned by Dell Services reveals that more than 70 percent of businesses are actively using or have near term plans to use analytics in their everyday decision-making.

Further, only five percent of those leveraging analytics believe that they have achieved the highest level of analytical maturity. Translation: enterprises can do more.

While the data available within analytics solutions can be quite intimidating, even the most basic metrics (traffic, views, opens, etc.) can be used to benefit a company’s bottom line. Gain confidence in your data and keep up with the industry’s latest trends in Website Magazine’s Insights on Analytics channel.

In the meantime, test your analytics knowledge with November’s Quiz Time.

1. By 2026, revenue from the “big data” market, including the sale of related hardware, software and professional services, is expected to reach…

a. $5.6 billion

b. $113 million

c. $23.7 million

d. $84 billion

2. Which one of the following is NOT a video metric that YouTube’s analytics offering provides?

a. Average View Duration

b. Estimated Minutes Watched

c. Accumulated Viral Potential

d. Playback Locations

3. True or False: More than half of business leaders will experience difficulties evaluating data quality and reliability.

a. True

b. False

4. What Google Analytics feature launched in 2015 helps users recover deleted data?

a. Recovery Master

b. Trash Can

c. Data Rescue

d. RDD (Recently Deleted Data)

5. Almost half of companies are leveraging advanced analytics to do what?

a. Predict their company’s financial performance

b. Recruit customers

c. Improve retention initiatives

d. Competitive research

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1) D. $84 billion (source)

2) C. Accumulated Viral Potential (source)

3) A. True (source)

4) B. Trash Can (source)

5) A. Predict their company’s financial performance (source)

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